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I Look To You

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Aaaaw, DiWhitney I'm so glad you were able to experience seeing Whitney in your dream!!! I know it was beautiful and left your heart warm inside! I wanted to wait to hear from whiterabbit but The answer to the trivia is all of the above!

It is true Kimberlyn! I was very happy, because in the dream, she was at the age that left us, and people who were at the concert, were thinking that she had no condition to reach the high notes, and when she let go, your voice, mezzo soprano, everyone was surprised, and of mouth open, and I was very proud of her. It was beautiful! Whiterabbit disappeared again! NBL.

No, I'm right here!

I always thought Whitney was African, Native-American and Italian. But, you say she was part Dutch? Now, isn't that proof enough that God sent an angel down? An angel of all 3 races. Smile

There is nothing as amazing as hearing Whitney Houston sing Porgy and Bess, and Alfie. My heart breaks each time I hear her, and a dam of tears bursts through.

Well, yes Whitney was part Italian as well...guess that would explain her beautiful skin complexion and soft texture of hair..... I listen to "Porgy and Bess" almost everyday...she was phenomenal singing this in 1997 at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C.......She bought the house down with this song!!

I found, it on Google, researching trivia, of Whitney Houston, friends! Whitney received his genetic ancestry the blood of slaves, African, native Indians, Dutch and Italian immigrants. She really was an Angel sent by God, of all races! NBL.

That eye, gorgeous of her, is progeny of Indians. I am a descendant of Spanish, Portuguese and Indians. I have a sister with the same eye, of the Whitney! NBL.

you are so right DiWhitney, she was truly beautiful in every way. Very gorgeous eyes!!!!!!!!!!! She represented all nationalities, I love this woman so much.

I have the same eyes also, because I am Indian! She had the most beautiful skin.
What is your ancestry, Kimberlyn? Do tell!
Does anyone know how we can get a hold of a DVD or CD of that Washington DC concert?