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Okay, Kimberlyn....I hope you're not driving. Wink JK
You are correct! Whitney would close herself up in her bedroom and just listen to her music on her iPod. Just escape and pray everything would be alright. Yes, the Nippian family is back!

Sadly, my dream wasn't as magical and fabulous as the last one. She was to sing at my church, which I was so elated about. I went to find her to make sure she was ready for her cue. I asked someone where had she gone? They pointed me to an adjacent bungalow and said, "She went in there to get herself 'Ready'. And I knew what that meant. My heart sank, because I knew she had gone in that bungalow to romance the "C" monster again before her performance. But I couldn't blame her or be upset. I knew it meant she was stressing and nervous that she wouldn't be "good enough". And she never wanted to disappoint anyone. It mad me sad, but I just waited outside for her to come out and sing.....

awww, Whitney!!! reading your post and looking at her picture at the top of this page makes my heart hut so much for her!! I just wanna hug her again and talk to her just to hear her soft voice...... huh, all the wishing in the world wont bring her back. Thanks for sharing your dream!

Whitney Trivia: True or False - One night when she was a teenager, Whitney didn't come home until the next morning making her mother very upset.

false she came home past 10pm that night from a photo shoot during her modeling era...the reason was because she was "window shopping"

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Laughing out loud Lol! Right again, Kimberlyn! I never believed she was "window shopping", but she was a good kid regardless. Right up until her last day on Earth, she was a good kid.

she was a good person all around!! I feel Whitney was cheated pure happiness in her life....anyway,

Whitney trivia: Whitney is part
Native American
All of the above.........?

Whitney had Dutch ancestry!!!

This song and video keep my vitality. Very lonesome for her.

Last night I dreamed with Whitney ! It was a quick dream, but left me very happy . I dreamed that Whitney was singing too as before , and reaching, the highest notes musical , proving to everyone that she is still, Whitney ! For me , this dream means that , in heaven , she returned to have the angelic voice who introduced us , here on Earth . Now she sings , in the Heavenly Choir ! I'll miss eternally, of this sweet angel Nippy ! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3