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crying for Whitney right now.... I just finished my spare room decorated with Whitney's posters, pictures and album covers..... It's so beautiful and I sat on my bed and just cried for her!

Wow, Kimberlyn, I would love, to sleep, in this bedroom!! (laughs) <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

DiWhitney, it's so beautiful and I'm proud of myself too!!

You should be proud of yourself, Kimberlyn. Wow! it must really be inspiring. Could you email a picture? I'd really love to see it.
Peace, ~WR

whitnerabbit, yes ma'am I will do

Whitney Trivia: What body part was Whitney missing?

Whiterabbit not understand the question!!

Whitney Trivia: What was missing from Whitney's throat?

I'm watching the show from Beyonce, in Rock Hollywood in Rio de Janeiro, on TV. Right now, she pays tribute to Whitney, the public applauded much!! Beyoncé is great singer, but no one is comparable to Whitney!!

Friend I dont know!! Where is Kimberlyn to reply??