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My friends, Whiterabbit and Kimberlyn, I'm sorry, but have no means, to answer this question!! The data, which I have of Whitney, most are musical. The likes, her personal, do not have much, only you guys that had the privilege of living in the same country, that she lived, that can tell me what the Super Diva liked to do and use. Nothing But Love for you guys, and Whitney!!

DiWhitney, you are not even going to take a guess??? Oh, alright, Whitney liked to wear white sport crew socks.

Whiterabbit, I had no idea of the answer therefore I did not wanted to risk!!

White sports crew socks!!!!!!! How'd I not know this, ugh!

You are the best and will always be.

Actually, Kimberlyn, one of your guesses was right. You guessed "tube socks" and they were tube socks. Crew length tube socks. Wink

"I had a dream, I had an awesome dream..." Yes, I did of our girl! Stay tuned for the story.....

Tells us Whiterabbit!! I'm curious!!

"People in the park,
playing games in the dark.
And what they played
was a masquerade,
from behind the wall of doubt
a voice was crying out..."