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I Look To You

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This means, Nothing But Love!!! NBL for you Whiterabbit!!!

I just can believe you're gone love you my diva ....

I remember when I was a kid and was asked what I wanted for Christmas (1986) I said a white stereo and cassettes by Whitney Houston,Madonna,Cindy Lauper & Michael Jackson, I only got Whitney & Madonna,to this very day I still have those original cassettes in vg cond. And bought every album both of them have ever released on the day it was released.Today Im still HURT by the WAY Whitney died,its painful for me and makes it hard to listen to the music.I got her & Madonna cd's for birthdays,christmas,My birthday is Aug.17. Im getting married on Aug.16th next week on Madonna's Birthday,I WILL be having music by Whitney,Madonna,Michael,Jenni Rivera & Selena. Love you Whitney and I always will.

I Loved every song that Whitney song the Movies that she stared in Especially the "Body Guard" But the very last song really touched my heart and that was "I Look To You"
Yes Whitney went through a lot but only GOD, can judge were her soul is resting. I can't put her in Heaven but GOD can and I feel Whitney is singing a New Song with the Angles. She will truly be missed.

I know Heaven doesn't have any Birthday when you leave this world.. Your soul is resting in the arms of Jesus were you'll never grow Old.. So in saying that... I still send a shout to Heaven anyway "Happy 50th. Birthday Whitney".. Your Truly Missed..

Tina Fant
B.G. Ky.

I Loved to here Whitney sing any song. But the last one that I heard was "I Look To You".. Which really touched my heart. I also enjoyed her in the Movies that she star in Just one of my favorites was "The Body Guard"..
I know that Whitney went through a lot but only GOD, can judge were her soul is resting. I feel that she's resting in Heaven singing a new song with the Angels..
I also know that Heaven doesn't have any Birthdays because the scripture says that "You'll Never Grow Old".. But anyway I shout out to Heaven "Happy 50th. Birthday Whitney.. Your truly missed. Now may your soul R.I.P.

By: Tina on Aug. 9, 2013

Whitney, the first day I fell in love with you, I was this tall slinky 10 year old girl from Paterson, Jersey. I remember watching your music video of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody" one Friday night on MTV Jams. I loved everything about you and followed your career from that moment on MTV Jams until your untimely death..... I simply loved your energy, passion for music, style, wittiness, unforgettable beauty and that powerhouse "VOICE"! I immediately knew you were my special "black Barbie doll, who I could dance with, cry to, sing-a-long with and simply relate my life to the words of every song on each debut album. I deeply admire and dreamed of meeting you someday and that dream finally came true while attending several of your concerts. I can’t express the amount of gratitude and love I have for you! I will forever remember that special night backstage after attending one of your concerts, you immediately showered your love on my friends and I. The simple touch of your hand, warm loving hugs, radiant smile and soft spoken words of love is an experience I will never forget and for that I’m forever thankful/blessed to have witness a true angle/gift from GOD. I will forever love you Whitney Elizabeth Houston!! HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! Kimberlyn36

I Will Always Love You is my favorite Whitney Houston song!!! and when she did The Body Guard with Kevin Kosner, i fell in love!. I was so anticipating her return. may you rest in peace and may you shine down on us all! your voice was and will always be an inspiration to more people than any1 can ever imagine! we never met, but i will always love you!!!

You had such special charisma, a beautiful, contagious smile. I could tell, each time you sang, how much joy it brought you just seeing all those happy, awe-stricken faces afore you. Tears streaming down their faces in amazement. I could never stop thanking you, nor thank you enough for being a perfect role model who would teach me so much about life, but more importantly, about myself and all that was within me. Everytime I play a spontaneous joke on someone like a mischevious kid, I remember you. Every night that I can't sleep, or every morning that I wake up grouchy, I remember you. And each time my heart is tested by the unkind words or cruel acts of others, I remember the example of unconditional love you set forth. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, WHITNEY!!! I will always remember you, and I will always love you........dark child....... courageous Nippy.

Das beste was Whitney gemacht hat !!!! Hammer song und Video !!!!! RIP Whitney !! We love you !!!!!

There's a spark that glistens in your eyes....
A candyland appears eachtime you smile......