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Nobody answers me!! I think my friends, nippians, have abandoned the website! Sad

DiWhitney, I'm here and your answer is correct. Your turn for Whitney trivia!! I hope whiterabbit is ok?

What was the release date for the single "Why Does It Hurt So Bad"?? This is very easy!!

The album was released on July 22, 1996

Yes Kimberlyn!! You are very good!!

Today is my birthday and I'm shouting from the rooftops with joy and happiness to see another year on earth !!! Singing Whitney songs loud and proud all day long!!

Congratulations Kimberlyn!! That the Lord Jesus gives to you, good health, much peace, much love, and long years of life on this planet, by listening to beautiful music, of Whitney!! <3 <3

I'm listening to the CD Whitney!! I miss my Diva!! Where Are You??

Hey DiWhitney, I'm looking at the movie "Sparkle" right now! I miss my lady Whitney so much too!!! I think whiterabbit disappeared on us Sad

You're right, Kimberlyn! Whiterabbit, walked away from us!! I hope she is strengthened, and get back to us!! I have not had the courage to see Sparkle. Here in Brazil, Sparkle was not released, but I'll buy at the Amazon. I already bought once, but the purchase was wrong, and not sent. Now I will take courage and buy again. Today a TV program paid tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and I could not contain my tears of longing. No use ask ourselves, because God took Whitney and Michael. The answer is simple. Everything which is perfect, is of God!! Have a blessed Sunday, nippian!!