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"I got you, Baby. I got you. I'll be there, I'll be there..."

Well, DiWhitney, then come out and visit when Kimberlyn does! I just wish I had a house for you gals to stay in. Hurry up before the exhibits leaves. May 27th is the last day!

Bobbi Kris is not speaking to her grandmother because she feels the book written about Whitney was disrespectful. Really?? Cissy Houston wrote a candid and surprisingly honest book. What else would she write? Such honesty is greatly appreciated. Bobbi Kris is just trippin'. And to stop speaking to your grandmother for any reason is disrespectful.

You know, I read about that and in my opinion, it's pure "DRAMA"! And if you feed it, it will grow. I agree with you , what could possibly be so disrespectful to Whitney in Cissy's book? Bobby Kiss need to direct her anger towards the media! The same media that built her mother's image up then later tore Whitney 's image down!!

Whiterabbit, we have to understand the position of Bobbi Krissi. She is with the heart, very sore, for the lack, of a mother. She has not lost a mother, common, like ours she lost her mother had the most amazing and untouchable of the world, for her and for us. It is normal that it feel hurt, in seeing the life of the mother, mainly exposed by a family member, but surely Bobbi must have their reasons. Let's pray for peace to reign in the family. We loved the baby of Whitney, and Cissy also!!!!

You do have a point, DiWhitney. I know she must be really struggling having lost her mother, but a part of me can't help thinking that Bobbi Kris is jumping on the opportunity to reap the benefits brought from being associated with Whitney Houston. Like many other family and so called "friends" of Whitney taking advantage of the fame and fortune. Children of addicts grow up very quickly because they become the caretakers of their parents, but never quite get over having lost their childhood. I guess it's expected to see Bobbi Kris act out and waver up and down. The one person who could teach her a lot is Cissy.

Whiterabbit, I understand, you, as well as I understand Bobbi. Whitney left us track the growth of Krissi, and if you pay attention, since childhood, she always had, a look of, a sad child, at the same time mature for his little age. This girl need a lot of love and affection, not of people with material interests around her.

I think the entire situation is full of drama, if you ask me. Krissy was born into materials from the start and she suffered from all sorts of psychological issues from watching both mom and dad struggle with their addictions and the media dogging them out. Just like krissy, cissy suffered a tremendous lost as well. A lot of love is what the entire family need. Just saying.....

Very well said, Nippians. I have always felt bad for Krissy since she was little. I just think she and Cissy could be there for each other at this time, allowing their love for Whitney to bring them closer together instead of letting it tear them apart.
And now, on with the trivia!!!.......
Instead of being an entertainer, what was Whitney thinking of doing for the rest of her adult life with Krissy?

Going to an island , open up a fruit stand to sell organic fruit to people. Whitney also said she would love to retire from the entertainment bizz and look forward to just sitting on the porch rocking her grandbabies on her lap.

I agree with the response, of Kimberlyn. Whitney said he wanted to retire and go live on a beach, enjoy nature with their grandchildren, as an ordinary person. She did not imagine that would have a worldwide success, which would prevent it from achieving his dream of being an ordinary person. Nippy is now in true paradise.