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We are all indignant over this terrorist attack, which killed three people, including a boy of 8 years, and injured several people in the Boston Marathon. I hope the U.S. justice, put this monster who committed this crime in jail. My solidarity to all!! God bless America!!

Thank you so much for your compassion, DiWhitney. A reminder that we not take for granted our limited time here on Earth, but rather use every moment to care for one another.
Peace and blessings, WR

Clive Davis, was initially against Whitney recording the song, "Saving All My Love" because of its content. Am I right, DiWhitney?

I guess as we get older, we lose inches in our height perhaps due to decrease in vertebral cartilage. I do not know why, but Whitney was measured at 66" by the medical examiner, postmortem. But in her life, she measured 68". Unless it was due to malnutrition. Who knows?

Clive Davis, was initially against Whitney, to record the song for her debut studio album, Whitney Houston, but he relented after persuasion from Whitney, and Masser. It was released as the B side of the single "You Give Good Love," a Top 5 hit by former Whitney. The song was eventually released as a single in its own right.

Whiterabbit, the song is "The Greatest Love of All" written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed, originally recorded by George Benson, for the Muhammad Ali biopic released in 1977, The Greatest. The song was later popularized by Whitney Houston. Creed wrote the lyrics in the middle of their fight against breast cancer. The words describe her feelings about dealing with major challenges we face in life, be strong during these challenges, succeed or fail, and pass that to force the children to carry with them into their adult lives. Creed eventually succumbed to the disease in April 1986 at 36 years of age at the time their song was an international hit performed by Whitney Houston. Whitney is culture!!

Whiterabbit, at the concert, of Whitney in Rio, I saw her, closely enough, and she was very tall, and very pretty!! I think that when we die, our nerves, decrease in size. Of high heels, she seemed to have, 1.80 m².

Hey nippians, I'm sorry ...I haven't been on to answer any Whitney trivias...This whole Boston attack has me trippin. All I can do is pray that God have mercy on us all. On to a positive note, how are you guys doing? I 'm looking forward to my summer break from teaching and visiting Los Angeles to see Whitney's exhibit and possibly meet Whiterabbit!

Kimberlyn is very good to know that you're well, friend!! I'm okay, but sad for this attack on innocent people in Boston. But God is able to protect you guys from all evil. Take advantage well, your trip at Los Angeles, and after tell me all the of things Whitney. Peace friend!!

Right?? She always looked so tall. Ugh! The song was "The Greatest Love Of All". Darn! That was a good trivia question, DiWhitney.

Kimberlyn, we were wondering where you were. Yeah, that Boston attack has everyone on edge. Don't forget you have 2 angels watching over you, your mama and Whitney. And what do you mean "possibly meet Whiterabbit"?? You had better meet up with me, Girl! If I find out you came all the way to Los Angeles and didn't stop by to visit me I will go all the way to NJ and see you myself!

Whiterabbit, I promise I won't come into town and not see you..... I got you! Hey DiWhitney, how are you Mrs. lady!

I'm fine, darling! I wanted to be there with you guys, for together, go see things of Whitney, at the Museum. It would be very good!!