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Kimberlyn, answer this question, because I'm in the doubt!!

Lol, whiterabbit when im typing the answer, I'm either on my phone driving or doing something else....I know I have crazy typos...please forgive me! I've been teaching for 5 years now, lol

O-h-h-kayy, Kimberlyn, you should not be texting while driving. I know you want to be with your mama and Whitney, but it will happen in good time.

Whitney Trivia: True or False-Whitney was thin because she was a vegan.

Is anyone going to try and answer the trivia question???
Alright, how about this one......
Whitney Trivia: Where was Whitney's birth mark located?

Whiterabbit, unfortunately, not know of the answer!

I know right!! Lol, whiterabbit! I want to be with my momma and Whitney, god does have his own plans in mind. I'm sorry, to answer the trivia question , I think the answer is false . I don't believe Whitney was a vegan. To answer the second trivia, I think the answer is also false, Whitney wasn't thin due to being a vegan. Hope I'm right!

Yes, it is false. Whitney was not a vegan. She was probably thin because she was so hyper. As a matter of fact, she loved hamburgers.

Whitney Trivia: Where was Whitney's birth mark located?

Does anyone know the answer???...........

Whitney Trivia: Where was Whitney's birth mark located?

Sorry , I don't know this one Sad

In the center of her throat. Slightly to the right of the base of her trachea. It looked like a tilted map of Australia. But it was usually covered with make-up for photo shoots.

Whitney Trivia: How old was Whitney when her dream came true and she first sang at Madison Square Garden?