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Whitney Press Shot

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Whitney, God Bless you for finding your own strength! I received your Cd for christmas,..Amazing from front to back. Long time fan. We share the same pain. God Bless your voice to help others find their own strength!!!....

Hi Ms. Houston! This is a beautiful picture of you. I am a huge fan! I knew that you were going to come back with something powerful and you did just that! I have always loved you and I had been praying for you truly! You are one of if not the best singer in the world. When I was younger I thought I would be the next Whitney but of course without support from your family you make detours. Like you I touch peoples hearts when I sing and I thank you for being who you are!

Dear Ms. Houston,

I have never in my life written a performer but I have to tell you how inspirational your song is. A dear friend asked me to listen to it on one of my lowest days.
I have been to hell and back and many days i thought why bother going though life at all but your song gives us all strenght that we can never be broken. I thought you might like to know that god works though you and remember that you bring us all hope that we are not built to break!!!!!!

God bless you,

God never leave you..

You will always be a artist in my eyes. God is good all the time. You are his child.

most beautuful woman in the world

Maravilhosa, que bom que voltou!! e voltou para arrasar!!

Whitney you look better then ever!!! Stey this way please.

Great picture of you.