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Thank you Whitney Houston

Dear Whitney Houston,

I grew up listening to your wonderful songs. "The Greatest Love of All" and "I want to Dance with Somebody" are my favorites. You are in my past along side so many young memories. I think of your songs each time I drift back. Thank you.

I missed part one of the Oprah interview but eagerly read the 20 page transcript, late on Today, I watched part two and was actually giddy! I was so touched by your story, as I have been in an abusive marriage, also with substance abuse.. I understood how hard it is to gather strength when emotionally or physcially beaten down. I am happy to hear you let go. My strength came from God, "The Greatest Love of All" and how can we value someone that doesn't see our value?

Now, after so many years.......It must be a lot of pressure, coming back. But it doesn't matter how well you sing or if you choose to sing at all, you have given me music for my youth and so many others' lives and that's enough. It's icing on the cake that you decided to sing again publically. You could have easily not done so. So, thank you again, for being a part of my life and for singing again.

Your fan, CharlotteMarie.