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"I Look To You" Video Premiere


The premiere of Whitney's new music video "I Look To You."

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i will always love u whitney

Wonderful.....love u so much!

Undoubted evidence that "The Voice" has made a triumphant return.

So So great to have Whitney Back.........She is a wonderful singer and person seen her many times in concert when she first came out....and kept praying for her to see the light to come back to us, and she surely has proven that now.

I LOVE the video!!! Its sweet,simply elegant and gets to the point! Whitney it shows you as sheer beauty! congradulations!

WOW, that was breath taking, So many things happen in our lives and this song helps you to see that God can bring you through anything , All you need is faith, Whitney, you have a big big hit on your hands, Be proud. Thank you so much

Ive held my breath for so long waiting for this adn its here!!! one word.....................WOW. The 'i look to you' video is graceful and amazing. The album has already reached Number one all over the world. Whitney is back and is a force to reason with. Move aside Beyonce, Leona and Mariah the old school diva has returned.

Im pushing facebook and the UK for the same huge success

God bless ya Whitney!!

Beautiful and inspirational song, The dress is gorgeous!!!!!! You are my number 1 Diva! Nice hair do too! Love it! The Voice and my Diva of style has returned! Thanks oh on Labor Day, your music was played over and over during dinner At my Beauty Salon (where only Gospel Music is played) Me and another customer had our Whitney CD's in our purse to be played in the salon! Everyone loved it! I even had my hair styled like the cover! Love you Whitney!

She's back yall...in a HUGE way!! Welcome back, welcome back! I am so proud of you. No place to go but UP! God is good! I love the new video.


Lady you never cease to amaze me my fellow Leo. Thank you for your beautiful voice and grace. Music needs you right now, welcome back. My faith in you never wavered!! The song is beautiful and yes i''m going to get the CD.