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Keep Supporting the Album!

I know we are spent over this album, but there are other ways we can support. These are some of the methods that are working for me:

1. Go to an electronic store shopping for a new sound system, and bring Whitney's CD to test the sound. Get a guage from the customers in the store and let them know that the CD is hot and available for purchase.

2. Realize the type of music your friend, co-worker, etc. listens to and let them hear one of Whitney's songs that matches their taste. For example, I have a co-worker how loves dance music, so I let him listen to FTL and he passed the word around about how great it is. (If you try to force-feed the entire CD to someone, you run the risk of he/she getting turned off by the first record he/she hears if it doesn't fit their taste.)

3. Invite your co-workers or friends over for a personal listening party. Xerox copies of the CD booklet as a take-away and inexpensive souvenir. (I have not used this method yet.)

Do you have any suggestions how we can keep this CD at the top?