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Listen to "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" performed by Whitney Houston


The Yolanda Adams show premiered Whitney's amazing rendition of "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" this morning. Listen to the full song from the Sparkle Movie Soundtrack HERE:

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Bless you Whitney
THE VOICE - I can't believe you are gone, always in my heart ...........

Miss you so much! Whitney can't wait for the movie to come out in August! Tears still!

Im so sorry for you Cissy. You lost her too soon. I can’t image losing a daughter. Let alone, the love she conveyed for so many. Without being selfish. I wish you peace in Jesus and know she is in good hands.

What a very beautiful song of Whitney.I still cant believe she is not here anymore.I grew up with her music and her songs makes me always happy.that will never change.You will forever the best Whitney!!Miss you 4ever.

this is the first time I have put pen to paper to express what has happened to me in the last 3 months. I don't even if I can put this into words, but I will try. "You never know what you've got till it's gone.." I never met the woman, but I followed her career since the 80's. We are only a few months apart in age, so I remember her career very well. I remember the first time I heard "You give good love" on the radio." I liked the song immediately and remember saying aloud to myself, "Who is that?" I didn't find out, until the video was released a short time later. I remember thinking that she was enormously talented and stunning. Then life caught up with me and I looked elsewhere. Her fame kept rising and I would watch just like everyone else. When folks critiqued her style as being "too pop," I remember saying, "but wait till you see her live." Her live performances from the awards shows alone, were soul-filled and legendary. She took her gumbo of influences and made them her own, just like she did every song she sang. She was such a revelation! It's too bad that she could not be left alone to figure some things out for herself. We are really privileged not to have fame. The cost is so great, that we really should honor these people for the gifts that they are. Assuming that they are not doing harm to the society, we should honor them for what they share.

I saw the movies out of curiousity more so, that fan worship, because quite frankly, there weren't that many black women doing what she did. There weren't that many women selling like she did. Since she has passed on, I have learned so much more about her life. My admiration for her talent was solidified and deepened. I feel that we have been robbed. I know what you mean when you say that it feels almost like a family member has gone. And yet, it is not... I have been trying to make since of this loss, since it happened. I have played the cd's, watched the movies, and the concerts on youtube. I have read article after article, and I wonder what could have been done to save this life, this very necessary life. It is a cautionary tale about fame and the costs that come from it. It's not about one person (as people really try to blame her ex for so much). Life can be a b****, when you are not famous, but when you are, it is so much more. I will stop now, because I feel I am a little long winded. I feel great sympathy for the Houston and Brown families, and for everyone who was close to her. I pray they and we learn to cope with this loss in time. I am eternally grateful for Ms. Houston's gift of not just song, but of spirit. I will do my best to support her legacy, and I hope that the world will continue to recognize what she has left us.

I truely mean no harm or disrespect in what I'm asking BUT this is address to screen name "sanhu" what are you talking about?

Who believes MONICA would play Whitney Houston seen in her bio, would be wonderful.

love the song great song just listening 2 it makes me wanna cry

I miss you, I miss your voice, I miss your heart that comes out in how you sing, especially when you do gospel. I love you my sister.

Whitney's always been in God's choir. Now she's up in the heavenly church