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Whitney Houston Talks Sparkle


In October of 2011, Whitney Houston and Sparkle producer Debra Martin Chase gave in-depth interviews with Collider.com and other media outlets in Detroit MI on set while filming Sparkle. Whitney poured her heart and soul into the film and the following 20 minute interview shows how much thought and passion went into its creation.

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Look at what you have done girl. You have my second grader singing I Look to You! She knows every word and actually sounds better than me singing it and I sang in a gospel choir in my youth. Being the same age as you, I had the privilege of growing up with you and listening to your legendary voice. My heart is so heavy, just knowing that my daughter will never be able to hear that voice live and see/hear real poetry in motion. What can one say but Thank you for sharing that poise, beauty and soulful poetry with a grateful world. This website is not big enough for me to express the emptiness in my heart. God bless your soul. I loved you from the first time I heard your voice. I loved you at the mountain and I loved you at the valley. That's all life is. A series of peaks and valleys. Ups and downs. I love you now and will for eternity.

I just listened to Whitneys beautiful, wispy voice and I am crying--why oh why is she gone so early in her life. She is a brilliant woman and I cannot wait to see the movie--SPARKLE-. I am sure I will cry a lot. God bless you Whitney Elizabeth!!!

With great love,


I just listened to "Celebrate" Whitney's" duet with Jordin Sparks. It is absolutely a masterpiece of two voices blending, harmonizing in the most amazing way. The Gospel solo that Whitney sings is undeniably beyond words so heartfelt and true Whitney in her Gospel venue. She is stellar in all venues of singing, as an actress, a mother; a daughter and for us. Her love for what she brought to all of us "Her Voice" her spirit, passion will always be timeless. Never another like our "Whitney". Cannot wait for "Sparkle". To see her beautiful singing presence to grace us again. I miss you! Rest in pece my sweet angel