Listening to "Saving All My Love For You," it's not hard to believe it was Whitney's first number one hit, GLEE is bringing new life to this unforgettable love song.

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This is very good !

I really like this one. Their voices sound really good together and I've always been a fan of Quinn's voice.

Thats so good,and i like rachael's voice

Im really liking this one as well. This is going so good all 3 have been very nice tributes! Really happy so far!

This is gorgeous, Dianna sounds amazing as always. <3

Omg. It's Diana and Samuel NOT Rachel get your cast members straight! And lets be real this is soulless and bland. They took ALL the soul out of Whitney!!!!

Diana and Samuel sound great together. Let's not be haters. It's an excellent tribute for a truly amazing singer and performer.

I think this is the first time I've ever heard a man sing her song. He/They did a good job. A very big honor being paid to someone so great and loved.

Oh WOW! Samuel and Dianna have a duet?! How WONDERFUL! Their voices compliment each other so well! I am LOVING this cover! Dianna has such a LOVELY voice. I absolutely LOVE it when she sings. Her distinct alto is difficult to miss and I love when she hits the higher notes. Such TALENT! And then there's Samuel. His voice is so soulful! And when he does that thing with his voice where it has an almost rock feel to it? Just AMAZING. So TALENTED.

I absolutely LOVE this cover. They did an SPECTACULAR job with this tribute song!

thanks to the glee-cast honoring WHITNEY so beautiful!