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GLEE'S FIRST LISTEN FRIDAY - "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"


Is it possible to listen to this song without dancing? If you said No, you're not alone, Whitney's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" topped the charts in 18 countries! Dance along with the cast of GLEE below.

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My girls <3

Wow, classy first commenter. Real classy.

Wow, classy first commenter. Real classy.

Wow this one is also really amazing. I love that they changed it to really fit the context of who was singing it and it sounds fantastic!! This is my favorite Whitney song and the girls sound really great! This will definitely be a great tribute episode.

I love the original version and I love Glee, but this sounds bad. :\ It'd be great if it was just Naya, but Heather ruins it imo.

I love you Whitney but this "remake" of your song is HORRIBLE, I didn't even finish listening to it Smh

Some people are so disrespectfull. GLEE cast members are tweeting about the bad comments on here. Relax people and just enjoy the music. And BTW yeah we know HeMo is not the best singer, but in the context of the show and Brittana, Britt taking the lead on the song makes sense, she atlast gets to sing and dance with her girl. Something all of the other couples have done.

Brittana! This song has grown on me since my first listen. I think Heather did a great job and can't wait to see the performance.

Whitney Forever.

i love it heather was so good

This is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE it. Heather sounds so GREAT. Seriously. I LOVE it whenever Heather sings because we don't get to hear her sing all that often since this is a dancer but her voice is FABULOUS.

GREAT JOB Glee! I LOVE your covers! Whitney Houston would be PROUD that you thought to do something so CREATIVE with one of her song!

WONDERFUL tribute! LOVE it! <3