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Information about the Whitney Houston Memorial Service


This Saturday, February 18th, the Houston family will celebrate the life of Whitney Houston. They ask that we all come together too remember Whitney and invite you to view the memorial service online. Click here to visit the Associated Press LiveStream Channel.

We all have wonderful memories of Whitney & Saturday will be a day for us to honor the woman that touched so many people around the world. We ask you to join us in honoring her spirit by changing your profile pictures to an image you love of Whitney Houston.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, the Houston family has requested that donations be made to the Whitney Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts. Click here to learn how you can make a donation.

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You know that "I Will Always Love You", and I know too that one day I'll be there with you.I love you Whitney<3


Man oh man....... Ive been in mourning all week. This woman has touched my life in so many ways. From the music to her strength as a woman, and child of God. The only black woman from two black parents to do what shes done musically. Its disheartening that we live such judgmental times that so many are overly opinionated about others and things that have nothing to do with them and would rather pull you down than build you up. I just want to thank her for being real and herself praising God and continuing the fight. Folks that aint picked up the phone in years got so much to say. Thanks for letting me know life is real and Gods children maybe tested even harder. You confessed your love for God every chance you had.....opened so many doors for so many and help the world see black folks from America a little differently. Now listening to your songs it all sounds like a puzzle. From Dont Cry For Me...,To I will always love I look to you......#God gave you the gift to share with the world and we not you abused it....we wouldnt let you rest the voice as you were straining it....well now you can take the voice back and have the one on high retune it. You aint got to worry about what they said or going to say......You can and did....allowed him to touch and use in a few hours the world will lay you to rest next to your dad. THANKS WHITNEY....THE CAN TRY TO RECREATE IT BUT THEY DONT KNOW IT WAS GOD NOT MAN.......NOW TAKE US ALL TO CHURCH....I PRAY THAT THE SPIRIT MOVES FOR THE WORLD TO WATCH AND GOD IN ACTION......AS WE SAY GOODBYE SISTER.....GOD BLESS AND REST IN THE ARMS OF GOD.

The heavens are rejoicing today, because an angel has come back home to the Lord! Hallelujah God is great!
I will sing of your love forever, I will sing of your love forever.

Ta voix, ta beauté resteront à jamais gravées dans nos mémoires. Tu nous manques déjà. Repose en paix Whitney.

Dear Angel Whitney
I want to thank you for allowing me to experience the gift of that beautiful voice God blessed you with. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for to have to deal with all the pain and mental stress you were going through.
Unfortunately the public forgets that although you are a famous artist and have fame and fortune and the end of the day you are just as human as we are and go through the same struggles trails and tribulations in life as we do. And at times it is more intense because you are in the public eye and have to live up to an expectation that perhaps you don't want to,,,And every move you make it being judge and scrutinized..
We have lost an Angel whom will never be forgotten, your will live on forever through your music...
RIP Angel Whitney and my deepest condolences to your lovely daughter Bobbie Kristina, mother Cissy Houston and the rest of your family!
God Bless you all!!!

She was a talented singer as alot are.Definately not the best voice in the world.Whats sad is everyone wants to say how much they loved her now..where were they when she was fighting bobby brown or fighting drugs.I think she was weak minded and threw her life away for drugs and thats selfish cuz so many cared.Thats my opinion and i dont care what the world thinks,many feel that way u just dont have the balls 2 say it.she knowingly inflicted this pain on herself and family,people can get off drugs,if u REALLY want to,obviously she didnt.i dont understand how anyone can say it was unexpected or shocking,when u engage in these kinds of activities thats the only thing u can expect.I use to really look up to her cuzz she wasnt a beyonce takin her clothes off to sell records,she was talented but after bobby she went down hill and wasnt much of a role model for any girl...even her own daughter,i pray 4 that family anyway,especially her daughter,imagine goin thru life w/a famous drug addict mother.AGAIN,dont care what the world thinks,why cry over someone u never knew,she acted like she was better than the more records she sold and we all know the family u have w/problems get them straight!get real!


"The Voice" that made me feel like I could achieve just about anything! I am truly saddened that God has taken you away from the world. But I know you are in a better place. May God Bless your family in this trying time..

When I first laid eyes on Whitney (when I was about 14 years old), I was blown away! She was drop-dead gorgeous and that was the first time that I thought of myself as a beautiful, black woman! Thank you, Whitney, for your talent, your grace, and your representation of black beauty. You will be missed dearly, my sister! I love you and you will live forever in my heart!