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Information about the Whitney Houston Memorial Service


This Saturday, February 18th, the Houston family will celebrate the life of Whitney Houston. They ask that we all come together too remember Whitney and invite you to view the memorial service online. Click here to visit the Associated Press LiveStream Channel.

We all have wonderful memories of Whitney & Saturday will be a day for us to honor the woman that touched so many people around the world. We ask you to join us in honoring her spirit by changing your profile pictures to an image you love of Whitney Houston.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, the Houston family has requested that donations be made to the Whitney Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts. Click here to learn how you can make a donation.

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rest in peace Whitney, never will there be another you.

I will miss her voice immensely! But I will also miss her sweet disposition and clearly caring attitude. are a songbird for God now.Thank-you for sharing your Gift with the world. THANKYOU...for encouraging and inspiring so many artist of today to use the gifts they opened up your private life even through your tough times,the Lord covered you. Rest well...see you on the other side. Bobbi Kristina..stay strong..listen to the spirit from this day on..carry on your beautiful mothers Legacy with your head held high. My prayers continue to pour out to you and your family.

Whitney... THANKYOU & God bless you & your family. Bobbi hold onto God's unchanging hand.
(I even name my daughter after her in 1986. I tried to wait until Aug 9. but she came Aug 4..).. God bless

Hereby I would like to send my condolences to The Houston Family & Friends for there lost of Whitney. Thank you for sharing her with us so she was able to give us the beautiful music she song. She is in god's choir now singing like an Angel but we will miss her so much but never forget her. Her memories and music will life on and We will always love you - Whitney RIP xxx

My deepest condolences to all of Whitney's friends and family and especially to her daughter Bobbie Kristina Brown. Whitney was beautiful and had such a beautiful voice. You will be miss by your family,friends,and all you fans. you will never be forgotton Whitney.

May she rest in peace with her creator and watch down from above on her daughter and loved ones. The world will miss her always!

Goodnight my sweet, sweet Whitney.

Goodnight my sweet, sweet Whitney.

I'm 24 yrs old and it feels like Ive known you all my life. As a little girl I always wanted to sing just like you. When I heard of your passing I was hurt. Your wonderful gifts, testimony and inspiring voice was never in vain. No one is perfect and everyone has a story, but you was real, you lived your life for you and not others. Your music and inspiration will live on forever. God blessed us when we received a chance to experience all of you. May you find that peace that was never on earth but in heaven. May your family and friends not mourn but celebrate the life that you once lived on earth and remember the good that you've brought to them and to your fans. We love and miss you always.