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Information about the Whitney Houston Memorial Service


This Saturday, February 18th, the Houston family will celebrate the life of Whitney Houston. They ask that we all come together too remember Whitney and invite you to view the memorial service online. Click here to visit the Associated Press LiveStream Channel.

We all have wonderful memories of Whitney & Saturday will be a day for us to honor the woman that touched so many people around the world. We ask you to join us in honoring her spirit by changing your profile pictures to an image you love of Whitney Houston.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, the Houston family has requested that donations be made to the Whitney Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts. Click here to learn how you can make a donation.

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We love you, your music, your performance, and your acting...I'm sad to know that you we're here and now your gone..yes your gone but always in our will be missed..

whitney I hope you have a good time in heven.And i hope you are safe.Me and all my family we all love you

Rest Whitney rest, you're finally @ peace...cradled tightly in Gods arms. That's what I believe. Hold on Ms. Crissy & Bobbi Kristine(hold on to each other as much as possible)...I know easier said than done, but this too shall pass. LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS!

I Hope you hve a good time In Heve.Me and my familly we all love you so much.Me,my mom,and my aunt wear breaking down cring.Watch over your baby girl.whitney we all love you so much.

I am simply devastated the night before we farewell one of the greatest voices to be heard on earth. My prayers and thoughts are with the Houston family and friends. Whitney defined three generations and totally defined my childhood. She will remain one of the immortals along with Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland. She will be terribly missed for a long time to come, but she will never be forgotten. Some people have said she set the benchmark, and others have said she was the bench mark, for me she was Whitney Houston. Enough said, right! Thank you for the music, your gift and sorry if the world took to much from you and your private life. I love and adore you forever, the one and only Whitney Houston, much respect. RIP. xx Adrian.

To Whitney & Her Family,

My condolences. Whitney is a beautiful spirit, like most of us, she had moments that she struggled with being a human being. I met Whitney in Philadelphia early in her career and I was touched by her beautiful spirit and know that she live a life true to herself. I am happy to know that her spirit of love and peace will always be remembered by us common folk. She has been an inspiration to us all and will live eternally in our hearts via her music.

Love ya Whitney!

I just saw a documentary of Whitney Houston at youtube and I think it is the documentary that has to be shown during the funeral. That is the Whitney I admired andwho inspred me in my teenage years. I had just started my singing career and even though I was not aware of it at the time I chose to sing her Greatest Love of All and Saving All My Love during a singers contest while my voice has more of the flavor of her mother's. I corrected it some years after that by doing the duet of Whitney and her mother with a friend who's voice was more like Whitney's. We ended in second place but lots of people even members of the jury told me they thought we should have ended first. Since then I learned to choose songs from singers with my type of voice and in my key. Yet I realised even then I yearned to sing her songs because they tell a real and sincerely heartfelt story. I did learn a lot from that. Whitney knew very well what the difference was between succes and fame and the danger of fame. I was surprised to hear her express the same feelings I have about fans. You love the succes, you handle the fame, but still it is strange that people you don't know call you by your name as if they know you. And that is I think what caused her so many scars. I chose to leave the public scene as soon as I understood that people in general dared to invade my private life because they considered me to be a public person and in some ways their property. And when it started to affect my proffessional life ( I have another "public" occupation besides being a singer), my personal life and personality that was the limit. I never longed for fame as I read about Micheal Jacson's life, though I did long for succes. We as fans, for besides a singer I am a fan of many others, must learn to respect and love the talent and the gift, but we don't own the giver and we definitely have no right to knowledge of their personal lives and experiences. We need to respect their privacy and love them for what they give and mean to us. I am glad that her mother makes the distinction regarding the burial. She should have earlier even if her daughter was an adult for Whitney obviously was not handling her actions too well. A mother has that divine authority. The daughter should have called other relevant family members in as well as soon as she noticed the drinking and smoking. Sincere and caring observers noticed that there was uncontrolled behaviour displayed. I do not judge the family but I frequently wondered how Micheal Jackson got that far with his obviously uncontrolable self-destructive behaviour. Whitney Houston needed continuous and sensible support from people with authority over her who dared to intervene and stay with her as long as she displayed unstable behaviour. I empower everyone to do so with their loved ones. It may be perceived as controling but it actually is protecting them as your cub, your baby. It doesn't matter how strong and rich we are, we all need that kind of protection from time to time, some more or less. We need not ask for it before someone takes charge. It is not dependency but may be life-saving when the loved ones know and especially when we know we are crossing the line but can't help hurting ourselves. I hope we start rescuing our loved ones in time and stop hurting miracles we may never again be blessed with. I don't believe in mourning afterwards but strict prevention when I won't be able to bear the needless loss. Of course we will always love her. She always loved and blessed us by giving us her best, unconditionally. She may not have written the songs but they are hers and because they are! That's why we loved the songs. I don't even know who wrote them! I am happy her last song was a love song to Jeshua Ha Mashiach for He is the only one who loved her and always will love her unconditionally. I hope He carried her away in His arms and that she finally felt homeand loved the way she expresses her love for her daughter on the record and so muchmore then that. Be blessed eternally Mrs. Whitney Elizabeth Houston. There are fans that have cherished and loved you with dignity! Hope to meet and hear you again in heaven.

Some people make headlines while others like Whitney make history... I'll miss you so much

It has almost been 7 entire days since your passing and I still weep. You and your God-blessed talent will be forever missed. It is not that you passed away; its just that your fans, this fan was not ready to see you go. We just wasn't prepared. I pray that you left on your own terms, and what you wanted to accomplish; maybe you did. I remember when I brought my first Whitney CD, thinking about it now brings a small to my face. I remember when I had the pleasure of seeing you in had several hits, but I LOVED "My Name Is Not Susan"! I can't think of a song that you sang that I didn't like. Way back in the day, when Rev. Thomas was the pastor at New Hope and I was Christian, I use to want to run into you at church. Your daughter and I were born at the same hospital, granted decades a part. In the week since your passing, while the media has speculated about a lot of things, what everyone has repeats over and over again - your smile, your laughter and your infectious joy whenever you were present. Whitney, you will be missed! I can careless about what they comeback with, what they print or what they say - YOU are a STAR! YOUR voice is unmatched! YOU have reigned supreme for 30 YEARS! I have been reminding myself exactly who YOU are and what YOU meant to me.

Still a fan,

Thank you for showing your gift with the world.The songs that will never leave my heart and your beauty that will never leave my mind. You had a smile any dentist would be proud of and the greatest voice that has graced the earth. You will always be in everyone's heart and your music will leave forever.

A true legend and your legacy will live on. It is so sad. Goodbye Whitney and may you receive a warm welcome into the gates of Heaven.

R.I.P. WHITNEY HOUSTON 9th August 1963 - 11th February 2012.