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Whitney At The Grammys


It's one of the biggest weekends in music - that's right The Grammys! We just love this adorable pic of Whitney when she won "Best Pop Vocal Performance" at the 28th Awards for her hit "Saving All My Loving."

She even gave an amazing performance of the song!

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As the weeks have gone by it still feels as if it was yesterday. The pain is still so great and heavy within my heart. Whitney though I have never had the opportunity to meet you; I have always been connected to you through your spirit. Words cannot explain how I feel but yet my emotions says it ALL!!! There will never be another you. I only hope that your sweet, gentle, kind and loving spirit will continue to touch many lives as it has mine. There was a time in my life when I felt hopeless and wanted to give up. But it was your love for God, people and music that encouraged me and saved my life. I will forever be grateful for what you have done for me!!! Now I know that just like you had a purpose here on earth you to have a purpose in heaven. Continue to be the ANGEL that you are and let your light shine. For I will continue to remember the greatness that God placed inside of you and know that you are now free!! For it was not only your voice but the amazing spirit that was inside of you that made you who you were. And even through your pain, trails and storms your light and spirit was never destroyed for you stood firm in what you believed!!!And knew that JESUS LOVED YOU!!! So go on and sing for Jesus and one day we will meet and I can tell you how you saved my life. Thank you Lord for your great creation!!!

Whitney Houston the best singer ever gone to young and will be missed dearly,

Jus wanted to her that amazing voice when i hear her sing it makes me feel as though she is still here with us i miss u Whitney and i will always luv u Rip gone but never forgotten.........

My first cassette was of whitney, I guess I was one of many people to watch her legend grow. She was everywhere during those times. Won so many awards and then some. The star spangled banner is an example. No one before or since has sung that song the way she did. We all choose our path in life. She will never be forgotten and will always be loved by her fans. I agree with Cissy Houston when I watched her interview. Her daughter impacted the world through music. The music and her dedication to charities, her pattiotism, her and love of people is what I will remember and miss about whitney. I was in a group home when I was young and would listen to her when times were rough. The music got me through it with confidence.

I love that song. You know how when they record the song, they make your voice sound better. But Whitney sounded just like she did on the recording! And you guys, lets stop saying RIP! Lets enjoy the pop princess without saying that she passed!