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Holiday Wishes From Whitney


Wishing Everyone a Blessed Holiday!!

Love, Whitney

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you are the best,happy new year for you

Best Wishes for the New Year Whitney!! You are the best.


You're still the greatest female vocalist in world...and I love you! Happy New Year Whitney.

Check your facebook page!/pages/Whitney/12180308803

Check your facebook page!/pages/Whitney/12180308803

Christ and we

"And the Lord said to him in vision: - Ananias! And he said: - Here am I,
Lord "- (Acts 9.10)
The men are waiting for Jesus and Jesus expects of men too.
No one believes that the world can be redeemed without souls redeemed.
The Master, to extend the excellence of its program savior, asks
human arms and undertake that step. He began
apostolate, seeking the assistance of Peter and Andrew, forming in
Next, an assembly of twelve companions to attack the service
planetary regeneration.
And from the first day of the Good News, calls, calls and insists, with the
souls, so that they become instruments of His Divine Will,
giving us to understand that redemption comes from on high, but not
realized between the creatures without the active collaboration of hearts
good will.
Yet even when it appears in person, seeking someone to your
light crop, which happened in the conversion of Paul, the Master did not
waiver of cooperation embodied servers. After visiting the
Doctor of Tarsus, right, looks Ananias, sending him to bail out
new disciple.
Why did Jesus bother to follow the newly converted,
watching it in person? You see, if humanity can not light up
and progress without Christ, Christ does not exempt men in the work of
uplift and sublimation of the world.
"Go and preach."
"Behold, I say."
"Let your light shine before men."
"The harvest truly is great but the laborers are few."
Similar statements of the Lord proves the importance he
attributed to human input.
Love and work, purifying and always serving.
Where is a follower of the Gospel there is a messenger of
Friend to Heaven, unceasing work well.
Christianity is Christ and us.


Hello Whitney, how are you doing dear ? Trust in the Lord and give your burden to Him, He will make everything well for you. Know He is there for you. He is waiting for you with open arms .......

Whitney, you know that God is your strength. Keep up the good work. I am ready to see you in a full concert. We all have ups and downs but you are such a leader to me I want to see you very soon on stage. May God be with you and your family. Again, you are awesome!!!! Be Blessed girl in Jesus!!! See you on stage.


Hey Whitney, just rediscovered your performance with Cece Winans and Shirley Caesar at 98 Grammies. Must have watched it 50 or more ... gets better each time!!! Amazing!!!!

Anyway thought I'd take to opportunity to say thanks for your music. Your are a remarkable talent!!!

Never seen you live in concert but hope to one day.


Al E.

PS Happy new year!!