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FULL Performance: 2011 Pre-Grammy Gala, Clive Davis party

Here's whitney's full performance that night. Sorry, but not a good performance at all. Her rendition of Alfie sucked; obviously her voice wasn't there. Suffering from that laryngitis or chronic bronchitis COPD thing. Seems to happen way too often and of all nights, it had to happen in a room full of major and legendary singers. Sigh, SMH. Dionne Warwick did better and she's 70. Something is going on with whitney. She seems angry or on edge with the diva attitude on stage. Also the meandering around in confusion and not sticking to the rehearsal is sub-par and unprofessional. You see in the end when Clive grabs her and jokingly says I'm still your boss like he's trying to get her off stage as not to make a fool of herself. She really needs a vocal coach and vocal doc/surgeons to see what's really goin on. My bet is things CAN BE DONE but knowing whitney she's a stubborn azz Leo and doesn't want to do anything about it. It's like she doesn't care anymore. WTF?