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Whitney Houston on E! Entertainment News Tonight


Heads up Whitney fans!! E! Entertainment News is expected to run a piece on Whitney Houston TONIGHT, covering her appearance at BET's Celebration of Gospel. This is a segment you won't want to miss!! E! Entertainment News will air 7:00 P.M. and again at 11:30 P.M. this evening, Tuesday February 1st.

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A day too late for E! to bring it up. I saw it, and they said that it was still well-received from the fans and the audience, but saying that it was a improvement over what happened during her tour last year. I don't care what others can say. As long as Whitney is still knocking it out of the park, without being told she is a used to be or someone whom can't sing, she is still a knockout delivering where so many voices aren't soulful enough today.

I'm so tired of people disrespecting this woman that has done so much for music and gave so much or her life to the world. I love her as an artist, her talents, and for being such a strong woman that has always been soo humble and kind. "They build you up to tear you down." She she has been through so much and still able to keep going what a wonderful spirit. People are so judgemental and mean spirited. They say nothing about Celine, Aretha,Barbara, nor Mariah..which none of which sing like they did 30 years ago either. I personally will buy anything she makes! "Her worst is better that others best!"*Thank You Whitney! *We Love You* God has a plan, Keep going they will all have to eat their words soon!

God Bless!

I am upset that I missed the segment on E! I am so glad that she has made a comeback. I missed her soulfoul voice. This is one no one can every mimic or out do.She has truly been blessed by God. I admire her for being a strong woman and not letting those that tried bring her down. Go ahead Whitney do your thing. And I also love your last cd.

Yes, I seen Whitney on Celebration of Gospel and she was wonderful. She not only look good, she's got that voice. She's great and no one can take that from her. Keep your head up baby girl and keep doing your thing, and like you always tell us, tell the world, I will tell you. " I Will Always Love You". God BlessYou! AWilliams, Kaplan, La.

You will always be Amazing girl, countinue your blessed journey, KOO KURT!

je m'appele chris et je vis a Saint martin
en ce moment je traverse un moment difficile avec mon enfant de 1ans et 6 mois mais tous les jours j'ecoute votre musique avec mon petit et cela nous fait enormement de bien
j'espere que tout va bien pour vous car vous etes pour moi la meilleur
desole decrire en francais
je parle tres bien americain mais pour l ecrire c'est autre chose
gros bisou

A prayer for the lovely Whitney Houston
Dear God of heaven may your eyes watch over your daughter Whitney, may your wings stretch out and cover her from all danger may your mercy light shine bright all around her may you order her steps in your words every day of her life may you grant her new vision new heights and depth that she has never been before may your goodness over take her let your love radiate through her body and may she finds joy, peace, love, happiness, and most of all may she put her hand in your hand and never let go bless her daughter also shine your light down upon them and grant them your peace that pas seth all understanding. as David would say "yea thou i walk though the valley of the shadow of death i will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me". Lord help her to find comfort in all the turmoil and most of all help her to stand on the solid rock which is Jesus our Lord thank you Lord for hearing my cry Amen.
love forever.

Hi Whitney, I'm Teffney Wilder, 28 years old I have been a fan of your for years. I just want to say God bless you and your family and I will continue to pray for you to stay strong and continue to do great things in your life. God bless you. Bye.

Whitney...I can relate to what U are going thru...and only the Power of The Holy Ghost thru Jesus Christ will set U free...I am 17yrs. delivered and set free, Jesus set me free, no rehab, no urge, no dream, no nothing, over night! That same Jesus will do it for you! God is no respector of persons... and a half of a century + 1 old...Many will say they are praying and I don't doubt they are..I am musician who knows...U have a God given gift that was assigned to deliver people from their afflictions...but with all U have been through serves as a testimony to others that are going thru and don't know how to get out...when U are set free, others will be set free! I told my wife, Whitney's comeback will be a new gospel, more powerful than anything she has done in the world...God is waiting on U..when U say the "Yes" God is waiting for...U will be free!

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