Whitney Houston: Unique, Gracious, Loving, the Voice. Her marketing team: Bleh..

As a business and marketing major I saw the plan they had for I look to you with some of its stumbles. Whitney voice is the last of its kind, and with the proper message it can hit every person in the world. If only I could be part of Whitney's marketing or management team I would insure her title "The 8th wonder of the world" or"the Voice" to be reestablished in every living person on the planet. Only Whitney knows what she is capable of doing in front of a live audience. She is humble and real! No bulls***! I am Lebanese and I have seen and know things from both worlds, and I know that her voice can bring peace to the world. People start doing your jobs right! You have the holy grail to create a wave of appreciation to the world, and the message is love. She want's it, know how to portray it!

Although shameful, one thing that made me proud of them is that there is finally internet presence!

Whit, Thank you Smile