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GMA Concert - VIP Contest


Great news Whitney fans! We were able to get one VIP Spot for a lucky winner and their guest to attend Whitney's GMA taping on Tuesday September 1st in NYC's Central Park. Sign up for Whitney's newsletter to be the first to receive details on how to enter our Whitney GMA Concert VIP Contest tomorrow morning! This is one contest you definitely want to enter! Click here for more details on Whitney's GMA Concert.

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I have been listening to this stream continuously now for 4 hours and counting. I am sincerely loving it.

All praises be to the Highest Most Awesome God and Bobbi K... for sending back to us an anointed voice that is still able to bring us to tears just hearing it. Whitney I know I will never meet you in person, but "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" is a song that has help me in the last couple of days face my fears about my future and God's plan for me. Thank you for coming back and sharing your anointed and gifted voice again.... my father always told me that it is not how you start the race nor what happenings during the race, but it is how you finish the race that determines your fate and if God gives you a special gift... no devil in hell can take it away. WELCOME BACK.... you were missed!!

I just listened to the album on stream also. My favorite songs on the album is Worth It and I Look To You.

You go whitney. Welcome back and God Bless You !!!!

i'm so sad to be so far from to come to this beautiful day... i'll share this moment from france... i really wish Whitney will come to sing in France soon... i'll be there... i've never had the chance to see her on stage.. but i'll do all I can to be on the next Whitney'S World Tour.. God bless You Whitney!! And every one who will share this special moment with You.. I'll be there by the thought... We love You in France since a Long time.. and it's not going to change!!! thank you aganin for the strength You share to Us... all the best For You and the ones You love!! God bless You.

Can't wait 4 da new album, not a big fan of Look 2 U vocally it's not the Diva Ms Houston. But Million $ Baby sounds very urban and dancy. Well done to Ms Houston, reclaiming seat back with the 1st class of DIVAS.

What an album! I am traveling to nyc to see you Whitney, it is a blessing to have you back!!! Thank you for being strong and for making us smile and tear with your voice, once again Thank You!

I already pre-ordered the album. I listened it online and I am loving " Million Dollar Bill" and "Worth It"! Love Whitney so much! Love her!

Hey Yall. I'm feeling it. I look forward to the hot remixes that I know are on the way as well. SALUTE is my fav 1.

i have to all of the songs they are amazing my favorite song is million dollar bill