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Whitney on Glee!


Whitney Houston's single "I Look To You" was performed on Fox's GLEE last week! Check out Mercede's amazing performance below, then head on over to iTunes to download Glee's version (which is #17 on the charts) or Whitney Houston's emotional original cut.

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Very nice rendition of a beautiful song.


Lovely, just Lovely...love it.

Beautiful song - loved it very much

i prefer whitneys version of course. her version is full of depth and soul. matchless as every of her songs.

Honestly, I really prefer Whitney's version, because of the rawness and mood-shattering. When I first heard it was around the time Michael Jackson died, and I was brought to deep tears. Overall, when it comes to the I Look To You, that will always be Whitney's song, and no one else will ever do it better.

Milan tour version is better. Amber Riley is good at technical notes but lacks the soul, emotion, and passion of whitney's live performance. Besides, this board is a week late. All the other entertainment sites, gossip bloggers, music bloggers had this up an hr after showing.

Very well done. I liked how Amber Riley made it her own version not just a copy of Whitney. Her performance was very touching.

Oh my God, I'm so pleased that you are a part of my life since I were a little girl. Thank you that you never changed !

i love this song i cried when you song it cause you are gettin beta for your self. when you down nd out people just leave you hangin so you have to just keep lookin up to God he is always going to be there for you. once you pray let it go nd let God take care of it dont keep prayin about it cause he will wait until you stop worrying about it to take care of it. so that is the rite song for you "I Look Up To You". anyways if i had on wish i would want to show you what real love is nd not th physical way. im talkin about the emotion, mental, body, soul, nd heart kind. anyways just speakin my mind i hope i didnt offend anyone on here nor you. anyways you are my hero i luved all your songs and albums. its goin take you a while to get ya voice back to where it use to be so take it slow n just role wit da flow. i luv you whitney even threw your hard, good, nd bad times.

P.S i think you still the boom nd i always loved you even tho you was going threw stuff