FOR ALL THE HATERS IN THE HOUSE !!! | The Official Whitney Houston Site


OK guys, its about time we start combatting this intense media victimisation of our Whitney !! We all know how much she has given us over the years, the amount of love she has shared and allowed us to share with each other over the years. Her voice, her interpretation and her inspiration to others is quite simply second to none in this modern age of vocalists. She has opened herself to her fans on this tour without the aid of lip synching and smoke and mirrors like some current pretenders in the pop world. It was raw honesty and hard work I saw on Sunday at the O2. I felt the enormous love in the room and 80% of the audience were encouraging and supporting her and offering understanding and gratitude to her for the love she has given us over the years. I loved having an evening with her and my loved ones also. She was apparently superb on Mon 26th and I am sooo happy that friends of mine were there to experience her incredible voice. This superb evening was of course ignored by the media - I would put out a request to the disgruntled fans (even on this site) who come out with crass insults and drug slurs and character assasinations of this very special and talented person to do two things; firstly refrain from spreading this hate...even if you feel short changed...remember the pleasure you have received over the years.( worth £100/£200 isn't it !??) and secondly look inside yourself and think how perfect/imperfect you are and if you have made mistakes in your life and then offer some humility and remember Whitney's music is all about LOVE and to coin a phrase...its all we need...really isn't it !! Enough Hate Already !!
Remember its important to value what we have...because one day...we will lose it !!!
Smile :) Smile :) Smile :) Smile :) Smile :) Smile :) Smile