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<em>"The pipes were in full working order... (Whitney) was engaged and happy to be on stage...She’s definitely back.” – The Guardian</em>

<em>"You could not help but admire a performer who, in the face of the negative press, stood up tonight to give her all. And Houston gave all she could.” – The Independent</em>

<em>“Still a hugely charismatic performer” – The Times</em>

<em>“The power of the voice is still there after all these years.” – Daily Mirror</em>

Last night Whitney Houston launched the European leg of her World tour with a commanding performance in Birmingham (UK) pleasing both fans and critics alike.

Performing hits such as "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", "I Look to You", "I Will Always Love You" and "Million Dollar Bill", Whitney clearly enjoyed every second of her return to the UK stage as over 11,000 fans cheered her on.

Entertaining the crowd along with Whitney was a fantastic band, energetically choreographed dancers, and a beautiful multifunction stage set designed by world-renowned designer Baz Halpin (who has previously worked with Cher, Tina Turner, Pink, Michael Buble and Cirque de Soleil.)

After a brief illness which caused her to reschedule 4 of her earlier shows, Whitney has showed the world she is back in full force with a strong show to entertain her fans.

Whitney’s tour continues over the next two months in Europe.

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I sooo glad to hear she is doing well and i wish her tons of luck!! Smile I also wish i was there to share the excitment with her, but i continue to do so in SPRIT! God bless!!

It's fabulous to read such good reviews! Whitney you really were amazing. It's fantastic that your back, just what the music industry needed. You've made millions of fans (including me) world wide extremely happy by your comeback!


and yup i was there in the crowd at the LG Arena in Birmingham aka Brum, cheering and dancing the night away Laughing out loud Was absolutely fantastic!

Hi i saw you in birmingham on 13th april and thought you were amazing.. anyone who thought different obviously were not true fans. dont listen to anything that the papers or news say you have still got the best voice in the world x... I loved how you were speaking to all and when you signed that ladies programme, i wish it was mine ... would love to be able to see you again.
I have never danced so much at a concert... My 4 year old daughter wants to see you she thinks your fantastic. She really wanted to come with me on 13th x
You are a very down to earth person and strong dont let them losers get you down..
much love xxx

hey WHITNEYY imm KIMMY i LOVE LOVE LOVE yourr music and mee and my bestiee CHANDLER always walkk aroundd singin your songgss ! EXPECIALY songs from the "PREACHERS WIFE" like OMGEE ! [ohmygosh] ...... "OHHH I LOVVEE THEE LORRDD...HEE HEARDD MY CRYY !'
-lovee KIMMY && CHANDLER ! <3

Let me start this by stating that I am a loyal Whitney Houston fan of many years. I am compelled to write this comment because the reviews/reports/feedback of your overseas tour are becoming increasingly negative. I am not sure what is at the root, but I encourage you to pay close attention and to resolve whatever issues exists. If you are not feeling well, or you are tired, then DO NOT PERFORM. Continue to put your best foot forward, and remind your fans of why we have remained loyal for so many years. It disturbs me deeply to see widespread reports, across nations and from so many different publications about the poor performances. Please, whatever is going on, just fix it.

I am over joyed to see Whitney back again..... I am on board because it is not about O MY I am walking out cause she did not get a high note, let me tell you, I am proud of Whitney because this album is one of Whitney's best, i will but them in my order:
1) Whitney Houston Whitney
2) Whitney Houston The Bodyguard
3) Whitney Houston Whitney Houston
4) Whitney Houston My Love Is Your Love
5) Whitney Houston I LOOK TO YOU
6) Whitney Houston The Preachers Wife "The best selling gospel album of all time"
7) Whitney Houston 25th Anniversary Edition Whitney Houston
" I put this up there because I love all the remixes"
Cool Whitney Houston Waiting To Exhale
9) Whitney Houston Just Whitney
10 Whitney Houston The Greatest Hits

This is my order......... You got to look back, through out Whitney's career the press has always had there mouth in something, no matter how good she was or did they always try to find something, but then and n ow Whitney never let that stop her. She holds her head hi. Whitney is the best and the greatest and always will be. She is not singing to the press or to the heaters, she is singing to the lovers and all that love her.

Only bad thing I can say at this time is, that they have not released any US concert dates yet, and I hope Whitney would not let us US fans down and not tour here, because it is the US fans for the most part has made I Look To You what it is, and I thank her for always giving us her best and not just making any kind of record. I thank Whitney and Clive for knowing how to make an album like no other.
So Whitney or anybody from Sony music it would be nice for the US fans to get the tour dates soon, that way fans can save money to get tickets because we know they are going to be $200.00 or more. Then for those fans that would like to spend money on one of those travel packages that cost $2000 I think sooner or later would be better to release the concert dates so all fans get time to get there ticket to show there love for Whitney

Always remember your fans are very loyal. We support you. We look up to you. We defend you. I am so glad you have strength through the LORD. "Keep the Faith" like Michael Jackson said. Your fans love you & we see the power, control, range and beauty in your voice. Keep going. We love you so dearly.

A Minister of Religion & A long standing admirer in Jamaica. We love you in Jamaica, come and do a concert here. You will be well received and warmly welcomed from fans and the people of jamaica.

You can visit with celebrities, pay courtesy call on officials and visit a school or university. You can do a few radio interviews and also visit my Church situated in the largest english speaking community in the Caribbean.

Consider it

Rev. Dr. Alvin Bailey

Whitney I heard the show, and your voice is incredible, glad to see that you are back doing what you do best.

Hope you put out a DVD.

Your #1 Fan
Stage @@