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<em>"The pipes were in full working order... (Whitney) was engaged and happy to be on stage...She’s definitely back.” – The Guardian</em>

<em>"You could not help but admire a performer who, in the face of the negative press, stood up tonight to give her all. And Houston gave all she could.” – The Independent</em>

<em>“Still a hugely charismatic performer” – The Times</em>

<em>“The power of the voice is still there after all these years.” – Daily Mirror</em>

Last night Whitney Houston launched the European leg of her World tour with a commanding performance in Birmingham (UK) pleasing both fans and critics alike.

Performing hits such as "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", "I Look to You", "I Will Always Love You" and "Million Dollar Bill", Whitney clearly enjoyed every second of her return to the UK stage as over 11,000 fans cheered her on.

Entertaining the crowd along with Whitney was a fantastic band, energetically choreographed dancers, and a beautiful multifunction stage set designed by world-renowned designer Baz Halpin (who has previously worked with Cher, Tina Turner, Pink, Michael Buble and Cirque de Soleil.)

After a brief illness which caused her to reschedule 4 of her earlier shows, Whitney has showed the world she is back in full force with a strong show to entertain her fans.

Whitney’s tour continues over the next two months in Europe.

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Dear Nippy.

Congratulations, I enjoyed the show in Birmingham, shows you are well, that is ready for European tour.
Who knows you include Brazil ??? Brazilian people love you. Remenber when you sang in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo en 1994?
May Good bless you always.
With love,


Your concert is Birmingham was fantastic I thought you were fabulous, ignore the critics they don't know what they are talking about, you have an amazing voice and I love your spirit that shines so brightly with love (some people need to get a life!!!). I felt trully blessed to have seen you and so close to you too at the front, no not the girl who pestered!!!! I shouted you can do it! for encouragement in I will always love you!!! as you were gathering your powerxxxx

Your are fab and always will be in my opinionxxxxxxxx

Wow! You were amazing! I wasn't even there but in the clips I've seen you voice is the best it's been in the whole tour! Laughing out loud Keep it up, Whitney! You knocked "I Look To You" out of the park! I cannot wait to see you in Glasgow!

I can't wait to see u in the states!!!!!

I loved watching the songs through Youtube. Glad to see your back out there, and not taking a illness lying down, or what others are thinking about you. Just be yourself, Whitney and that's all that should matter.

I think every fan will agree that no one has pipes like Whtney.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy you are making a comeback and can't wait til you tour the states. God be with you and keep you strong!

Please, come to Brazil! As Lucia said a few minutes ago, Brazil is waiting for you!
See you here at Rio de Janeiro!!!!

Whitneyy I Lovee Youu Sooo Muchhh Youu Aree Justt Thee Besttt Really Carntt Waitt Till Juneee Laughing out loud Smile xxxxxxxx

What can I say Whitney is little in the face of all that she represents in the music scene. Whitney has a wonderful gift given by God, and when she sings, every note has something has a special glow that touches the heart and moves beautifully. May God continue to bless you Whitney, and the other on this tour to come. Do not worry, because if you continue in the Lord, the Lord will remain in you and the love of God will never leave you.

Just saw clips of the Nottingham concert , it was Excellent, 3 days for the sunday Concert in Dublin nearly 30,000 Fans wiating for the 3 sold out nites - Bring it on - Whintey Rules !!!