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I Look To You


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Whitney has a voice that can sooth a savage beast!...THANK YOU for getting me thru some though years as a young girl!...I LOVE YOU WHITNEY!!!

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, what have you done.......

I will be missing YOU Whitney ...


I am also truly sorry to hear this. This is a shock to everyone. She was a pretty woman who just needed to ask for help. So sad. i have always loved her music and will always love her style. she will be missed. Its such a sad day to hear of this news. Please i=pray for her. Rest in peace

we miss you Whitney

I am still reeling from the news of Whitneys untimely passing last night. Whitney was the Queen of the 80's. Her music simply dominated the radio. I still have her debut album - with the gorgeous face of an ingenue gracing the cover. Whitney represents so much to me, not only as an amazing songstress but as a break through role model for young African American women who like myself struggled with identity issues in the 80's. Whitney's loss is personal for many, many people, but of course it is felt most by her family. I pray for Gods peace and encouragement for the Houston and Brown families, most especially Her daughter.
Lisa W. Atlanta, GA

This young women, truly was made to be GOD's(in Heaven)witness to the world. In my heart she was never far from him; no matter how man(people) look upon her in the flesh grace,and mercy was always on and in her. Like a old saying goes"a apple never falls far from a tree". As for me, a child raised in the church seven days a week passed on from my birth mother into a house of a preacher and his wife, I too sing,have song,very much loving to make that joyful noise unto the lord, and giving him praise and to testified how much he never leave's our side. For me when ever I would hear Withney sing, her heart sung to the glory of God,and the love for him, if you would hear with your spiritual ear in all her songs that flowed out of her heart always moved me because, it truly was her soul singing for the lord,"I Look To You" this is my faith praise and "The Greatest love of all" save me of, ending my own life and "I Want To Run To You" this one started me back on the right path to return back to the lord. I will miss her dearly,but her voice will forever go with me to my grave when the lord calls me home, and I will be there with her sing with all the great singers of the past and "You Give Good Love" for me it was, that no man on this earth loved me more then God up above,and he love me more and I had to learn to Love my self. Withney that name for me in my heart stood for a Witness sent from God In Heaven. This is how much her voice touch my soul. Now I know she is at Peace to be troubled no more and I may not ever have the money she was blessed with, but I lived some or more of her up and downs of this world in my own life. You always must feed the body with the holy word,and blacken knees from lots of prayer,forgiveness of others even when they mean you no good and,remmenber to give all people a lot of Love and Joy. She ran the race and did her work for the lord..................a Fan@ Sister in the lord..........................................................Trulena M.Childs McRinna
Erwin,NC 28339
My Prayers are with family, friends, fans Much Love

Dear Withney.
Rest in peace.
Thanks for your music that has always accompanied me in my years in youth to date.
Maybe we'll meet in another life. Goodbye.

Pino from Valeggio sul Mincio - (Province Verona - ITALY)

When I heard the latest of Whitney's songs "I Look to You," I realized that her faith was stronger than I thought. It renewed my own faith in God. This song is priceless! It brought tears to my eyes. Although I love all of her other songs, this is my new favorite. It will comfort me in those moments when I feel lost, sad, misunderstood, and confused. It also comforts me in the loss of one of my favorite singers. I will always love, you Whitney. You and your songs were part of my life! May you rest in peace.