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1 Million Dollar Bill

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I agree with you totally SAMEDAY; I am dying to see what fierce hair she sports next, because she fooled me with the My Love Is Your Love pics and album cover when it came out. I went and got my blonde whitney wig together and she went this way and then that way, always looking hot though.

This album, is as you put in your "Thank you" section, "phenomenal"!!! Smile :) I MEAN.... Smile :) I was SO GLAD about the lead single, MDB Smile :) But I AM SOOOOO GLAD to hear the other tracks!!! Smile :) I was very attracted to I didn't know my own strength, and I heard it first when it was...leaked. :/ Although, I wish they would've kept your background vocals the last time you sang the chorus. Hmmm...STILL LOVE IT THOUGH, don't doubt!! hehe And JUST EVERY TRACK!!!! This album was done very well and LOVE LOVE your vocals Smile Smile "shout out, shout" hehe IN love, Alllllllllll over again Smile :) I swear to you. Your vocals--as well as the message/concept-- on "Nothin' But Love" are incredible...incredible. This song had "Whitney" written all through it--irrefutably. There are always "little things" you do on a song that I LOVE: prime example, the ending of Worth It. "it's for you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you..." I was TOO tickled! I said to myself, "ONLY my baby, Whitney can do THAT!! YES!!!!" Wink Also, I'm very intriqued and GLAD about the direction with "For The Lovers" Smile Smile Smile Definitely something for the club!! I can do nothing but throw my hands up and around when that song plays!!! Smile)) That's what I'm talking about...this is yet another album that PROVES that you can do ANY song...so...very...well; exactly as your "industry father" promulgated. Smile :) LINL, very sweet, a NICE feel-good, GREAT track. Smile Smile Smile Smile Call You Tonight...another song with your name all over it. I love your voice and the guitar riffs.... And the title track...DEEP. Profound. It was very obvious, as is with "I didn't know my own strength", from where you were singing. My God, Whitney.... Smile :) And "Salute"...are you kidding me??? If this is isn't a single and not a video--I will be AGHAST!!!! Omg, this song is SENSATIONAL, fiery, passionate, and PERFECT integration of those gospel roots with an R&B base. LOVE IT!!!!! It's a favorite of MANY who have heard the song Smile Smile Smile Smile Call R. Kelly IMMEDIATELY and tell him, "We did it with that record!" " Smile Smile And I Got You...another very contemporary song where the vocals are yet again (albeit, not surprisingly Wink on point and simply a great track--another one that is worth of being single. Smile Smile Indeed. You may have noticed all my 'smiles'...this is because this album makes me do NOTHING but smile and GIDDY like no other!!!!! Smile))

Oh well - the verdict is out. I've just listened to the tracks over and over, again and again! This CD is definitly a top charts - Lady Whitney's season is here and I'm excited. The CD gives you a variety - from slow to upbeat! Can't nobody do it like Whitney has and continues to do it - Whitney style, in a class all by her self; to be compared to none other! I plan to purchase multiple CD's and give them as gifts.

I am so looking forward to the DVD and videos. Whitney, welcome back - it's like you never left; and I have nothing but love for you - thanks for the song!

I will continue to be prayerful for the successful jorney ahead. Most certainly, God has restored time to you - the best is yet to come.

Now, what's next? DVD and Videos...yes!

WELCOME BACK Whitney! I listened intently to every song and I am so glad you are back singing, doing what God has allowed you to do! I told those around me that you can not keep God's people down. I knew you knew where your strength came from. This is beautiful. You look good, you sound good and I believe you are in a good place right now! What a mighty God we serve. I can't say I have 1 favorite song because I love them all! RESTORATION is the next thing I want to discuss! My sister HE has restored you totally. You address so many issues on this cd! I hope you visit NC on tour. I've never been to any of your shows but you have had me captured since I heard You Give Good Love. No one after you, no one before you, No One! God gave you a special gift to interpet a song like no other. I Look To You will go down in history as one of the greats. Welcome back Whitney and I pray God will allow you continued success! You are truly the voice of our time! God bless!
Thomas J. Gibson

saaang! The passion is there, as usual!

PLEASE READ ASAP.Wow Whitney! So great to hear you out there again and still beautiful as ever. 16+years ago,me and my daughter's father, went to see your movie BODYGUARD , both big fans of yours . Shortly thereafter,we found out were having a baby and I named her after you , her name is WHITNEY, so its great for her to be older now and your still making come backs. Next month she will be turning SWEET 16. She is a great teenager and like most girls wanting a HUGE SWEET 16 bash, we live in a very rural country town and dont have a lot of money to do too much,however we have rented a fly in community restuarant banquet room to have her party with a DJ. Her 16th bday is actually 9-9-9, however we are having her party 9-12-09 on that Sat evening. I have been looking on the internet for sweet 16 ideas, and came across one mentioning the idea of actually having a singer/celebrity suprisingly show up. Of course you were the 1st and only to come to mind. She had wanted a suprise party,but at that age its kinda hard, and WOW what a suprise you would be.I know this is asking a lot and you proably have lots of inquires like this, but please help me in making this day a wonderful memory for my daughter.My email address is marie_nicholson@bellsouth.net
Love, Marie

It is good overall. I prefer it to "Just Whitney". The songs I like most are "For the lovers", "A song for you", "Calling you tonight" and "Salute".

I love this album. I'd have to say this is definitely Whitney's best studio album. Not only did she return to 'classic Whitney' by creating some songs that will stand the test of time, but she continued her evolution as an artist. No two Whitney Houston albums have ever sounded exactly the same and the material is never a rehash of something she's already done. And 'I Look To You' continues that tradition.

I love all of the songs on the CD, but my favorites are Million Dollar Bill, Call You Tonight, I Look To You, I Didn't Know My Own Strength, A Song For You, For The Lovers & Salute. The songs reflect Whitney's own journey through hell and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Many people can relate to that.

Like a lot of fans, I would've loved more than just 11 songs. But, then again, I'd rather have 11 quality songs over 16 songs that weren't quality or had too much filler. As for her voice, you can tell which songs were recorded earlier and which were recorded later. But, overall, I think her voice is now a blend of My Love Is Your Love, The Preacher's Wife & Just Whitney, with a few flashes of, perhaps, The Bodyguard. I can't wait to hear her sing live. Whitney could always add emotion to a lyric, but now she has an even deeper emotional resonance to her voice.

Clive timed the release of this album perfectly. Not only will Whitney clean up at the Grammy Awards, but since she'll be eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame next year being inducted will be the perfect way to top off the return of Whitney Houston.

amazing! what can i say whitreny is amazing! no one like her (L) xo