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I love you and I miss you Whitney. You are God's child and also I pray for your return. God has bless you with a phenomenal voice and you will continue to bless us now and in the near future. The cd "I look to you," I truly love it, every song. Stay strong and continue to look to God for strength. I will always be one of your number one fans.

You came about when my adult life was starting and I thank you for the great music in the past.
And now : Wouderful, Uplifting, Fabulious, You still have it.
God Bless You!

You Rock My World,
your voice brought tears to my eyes
the first time I Felt your Music.
Still do bring tears to my eyes at how
exceptional You are as a Singer and
Person,I have allways loved you and
can see Greatness in your eyes,
and feel the warmth from your heart.
We will probably never meet in this
busy world today ,but through sound
I feel you..Whitney
Much Love!

I don't know what the problem is with people. Donnie said it best We fall down but we get up!. What even God purpose for you is only he and you will know. Words can't expression what you songs mean to me. Keep him first and you will be all right.

I know with God, he give first,second, third and so many more chances in life to everyone . It is up to you to take his hand and walk with him. Whitney did just that. I just want to let you know Whitney that I love you and your music, it have been with me in good and sad times and I will like to say keep your head up and smile and remember God is with you and everyone out there. Love the new CD and love the songs " I look to you" and "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" thanks for making them. Can't wait until the next CD comes out. Love you I am a fan for life.

Hi!! it is amazing the great of your work. _I praise the lord for your efforce and courage!! still fine singing those "soul freshing songs". We're still praying for you Withney!! Greetings from Chile.

The Greatest Voice of All...

whitney you rock and your hot.your music is good, it really touches my heart.

Hello Whitney Houston fans, my name is Dawn Collins and I've written a song for Ms. Houston, before. I think it got published/recorded, but I really don't know. I have written another one for her, but I don't know what address or web site to send it too. If anyone can help me, please, do.

Thank You,

Dawn Andrea Collins

i'm gonna lovin' this ...
especially for the song "i look to you'' ..