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I Look To You


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1 Million Dollar Bill

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whitney houston this is lakeyshia u are my idol like for real.and i would really like to do what u are doing inspireing peoples life please read this and write back to me,my long life dreams is to become a singer and a song writer and plus i hate the way am living please,pretty please write back to me i live in nassau i could sing very will i have a dream but dont know where to start,woundering if u can give me a boost.i really would like to make something out of my self am 16 my name iis lakeisha clarke and i live on nassau street.i lve you whitney

Dear Whitney your voice saved me many times when I was down. I would sit back and relax and put on a few of my favorites like Miracle, One moment in time, I have nothing, You give good love, and Saving all my love for you. I truly enjoy them all, but these are my favorites and as of today 2011, I still listen to them. Whitney your voice is a miracle to our Souls and your music help mend our Hearts. No matter what you're going though today, always know We Love You and no one can take the place of YOU! Stay strong and keep touching our Hearts and Souls...

Basiclly, I love you. Your voice is the best. I am a musician wanting to play on stage with you for 1 song. You are the greatest!! God Bless You much more. Love Ben Lewis

This is a great album, 'For The Lovers'....personal fav, and 'Nothin' But Love'. To see Whitney perform these was just incredible.. 'I Look To You' and I Didn't Know My Own Strength' are so inspirational, 'Million Dollar Bill' gets the party going! Loads of great tunes, so glad Whitney brought out another album!! <a href="http://beststarcraft2tactics.com/shokz-guide-review/">shokz guide review</a>

Whitney your the best, your miss diva with the voice!
I remember I got my first (casette haha) from her well exually two! It was from the Bodyguard and Am every woman. At that time I was 7 years old and since then I adore her. What I wanted to say is that the song 'For the lovers' is similiar to your hit Am every woman because of this..It makes you want to dance.. I love it. I can't stop listening. If Clive read this, please release this song! It will be an amazing HIT!!! Watch this lady see ain't finished yet.
Dear Whitney I wish you all the best, your new album is great! Keep on the good work!
God bless you much, greetings from The Netherlands.

There´s no Better Album. Any kind of her songs are amazing and Extraordinary! Nippy U Rule the Hearts, Don´t forget That!! I Love you so Much Lady!!!

You go girl!!!!

God Bless, never loose site of who you are in him.

Always a fan

I will always give you all the props. Been a fan my whole life.

I love you Whitney. Please don't give up. You are a great gift from God. Your voice is unexplainable. I pray that what ever henders you is bind by the hands of God. I receive this blessing with you and for you in JESUS name.

I really miss you Whitney. I pray that you return with more gifts that God has given you. You have the one and only beautiful voices that God has made. Continue in His ways. God bless you.