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I Look To You Countdown!


Whitney's highly-anticipated new album, I Look To You, is available everywhere 08/31/09. Mark your calendars and start counting down the days!!

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Whitney, I'm glad to see you poised to take back your throne and show the world what REAL singing is again. Welcome back.

I cant wait for whitneys album! love you whit!!! but im not sure about the release date in the UK does this website tell you or does anyone know any info ? x

Yeah let the countdown begin - the return of THE VOICE!!! How long have Whitney fans been waiting for this moment, but damnnn this is gonna be a long looooooong week. Anticipation is killing me already - I know this album is gonna be hot from what I have heard so far!!!..Really cant wait any longer!!!

This 1st single is just okay. I was looking for more deep down gospel; I wanted to be able to feel the spirit and the anointing. Especially since we all know some of what Whitney has been delivered from. I will be one the first to purchase this cd inspite of; it has been a long time coming. I believe what's to come is better than what's been for WHITNEY!!!!!

God Bless and stay Focus WHIT.....

I'm super thrilled! Can't wait to get Whitney's album soon. God bless Whitney and everyone who supported her with unconditional love. Cheers!


Whitney's come back and my birthday.... I'm sooo lucky haha.

8 more day....counting down!

Welcome back Whitney Big smile ! I've missed you so much

Would someone be able to help me out. All the sites in the UK that I've checked have the album release date as being the 19th October. Are ALL these sites wrong? I thought it was pretty much a world wide release on the 31st August ... I seriously cannot wait nearly 2 months after everyone else if its true.