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Happy New Year From Whitney


Happy 2010 to all my whitney.com "peeps" and all my fans everywhere!

First of all, let me wish you the happiest, healthiest and most blessed New Year! 2009 was a great year for me and I am pleased to let you know that my album has sold 2 million copies worldwide and is still going strong! Look for a new single soon.

As you know, this is the year of my first world wide tour in almost 11 years so I hope to see many of you at my shows. The tour is going to be spectacular - we have an incredible brand new stage set and of course a brand new set list, which will cover songs from albums old and new.

Hope to see you all soon!



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Happy New Year Whitney!
Keep doing what you do...since you do it best! Cant wait for the next single and video.
I say the next single should be "Worth It" or "Salute" for a top ten, and then of course "For The Lovers" as a club banger. Want all the songs to be singles...but Im just greedy!
"...The next three singles are about the lovers..."

Happy New Year Whitney, I wish you only the best


i hope you take a little time to read the beautiful messages from your fans.


Dear Whitney,
Thank you so much for congratulations.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all your family and you!
Hope to see you soon Wink

Thank you for the wishes and happy, healthy, eventful, exciting... and blessed NEW YEAR(decade) to Whitney and her family as well!

Thank You! I wish you a Happy New Year too! This year is going to be great just knowing that there is going to be GREAT MUSIC comeing from you. Take Care. = )

A Song for You have to be released! Bringin' back some 80's-voice - great song! Looking forward to see you in Norway; look after the one who sings/screams highest!

I speak heavenly blessings on your life. God has truly given you his favor. I am so proud to see where you are in your life. You are truly an inspiration to me in every way! I am excited for the things ahead. Remember what God has for you is much more greater than man. I am constantly praying for your strength. I love you Whitney.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year Whitney, wish you all the best and much more.

Woot!! Happy New Year Whitney!! I can't wait for the tour to reach the States and Chicago!!!