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'I Look To You' Album Certified Platinum


Congratulations to Whitney and all of her fans! 'I Look to You' has been certified Platinum by the RIAA for sales in excess of 1 million units in the United States.

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I have followed you since my college days. About 26 years ago. Wow ! You are a phenom. And a phenomonal woman, that's you. You songs are great. And your character strenth is now the greatest, "the Greatest Love" !

Walt-Baby-Love "TW" from Indy

Whitney you are nothing less than a pillar of strength and inspiration. I hold much respect for people like you who can glorify the power of "<strong>God almighty</strong>". Lay it down on music tracks and produce it for the world to hear. You have been blessed with beautiful gift and I will continue to support your music and pray that it will inspire those who are without Him to seek Him because of your work and life experiences. Please use your God given talent and media presence to continue touching lives of the lost, less fortunate and unsaved to find His direction the way you have. Who needs a Grammy nomination when you've got our one and only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Congratulations! I bought 2 copies the first day. I am awaiting for you to release your remix album or what ever else is next. I love You! I love the way sound, like an ANGEL from GOD!

Whitney, Thank God you made it through..so many don't. May God continue to bless you and may He give you the strength to help others from your experiences. God has a purpose for your life and maybe you've just begun your journey with "I Look To You". I will be listening to this song every day to keep me focued. Thank you Whitney! By the way, you still have that beautiful voice you've always had just now more soulful! WOW!!

Congrats Whitney... stay in Europe.. your doing everything right... snub the US and the press in the US , they are so dirty , want to tear you down.. but rise above all these haters.. you are still clocking your $$$$$..

I have loved you since the 80s. And to soo you on Good Morning America tuched me sooo much. The Performanc you gave seem like you were putting your whole heart out there for all to see. It was sooo Emotional and Beautiful. All i can say is, it made me Cry!!!

You are Talended and have always tuched my hart when you sign.
Its good to see you back on top where you belong.

ever since i was born, i've grown with your music. ever man and women loved your song and my mother and i, are die-heart fans until now. and CONGRATS on your album! we'll surport you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud

we are all happy to know you pulled through!!! KEEP ROCKIN WHITNEY!!!!

I live in Jamaica and i have been a FAN of whitney forever. I love her voice, her attitude and her stamina to endure all the pain that she has encountered over time. Hats off to u Whitney, I have been waiting on this album for such a long time and now I Can exhale. I knew you would come back and 'bring the walls down' I KNEW YOU HAD IT IN YOU ! Your song I look to you is just so beautiful and all the words are one for us to relate to. My greatest wish in life would be to see her perform live and in living colour.

All the best Whitney you are Blessed and Highly Favoured as my students say everday!!

Whitney waiting to hear a total gospel album! Soon I hope.