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Your thoughts for Whitney

i have been looking at news articles about Whitney and it really breaks my heart when i see painfully horrible comments by random people just don’t understand what she's actually done yeas she did drugs BIG DEAL!!!!! Get over it. they did the same to Michael Jackson when he was alive mocking his lifestyle
i hate how the media works i really do if they either ruin or make peoples reputation and they make money of writing horrible comments of peoples pain and suffering yes Whitney had a drug addiction but i feel like she has come out of the other end shiny bright and beautiful if you look at her now compared to two years ago you would understand and i feel that she has also shone since her brake up with bobby brown and will from years to come. I’m no fan of jacko but look how the media treat him and i feel like they are doing the same to Whitney if she’s that bad why did her album go to no 1.
im a massive fan of hers iv even got some of her dresses/garments that were sold at the aj willner auction iv got 4.bustiers 3.coats 5.dresses they are all displayed on manikins in a spare room with pride in my house i bought them because i just wanted something that belonged to her as I’m sure you’ll understand its similar as jacko when he put his stuff up for sale and his fans bought his items .id love to hear other fans thoughts on Whitney
James 