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"Million Dollar Bill" Video Premiere


The exclusive premiere of Whitney's brand new video Million Dollar Bill. Amazing!

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Yes, beloved, you did it!

Perhaps, you don't really realize what a great experience you had and how wonderful is to be back again, to be born again, to choose life, to enjoy life, to be a great example for all: Yes, it can be done, no matter what!

We, the Univers, love you so much!

Go, live, enjoy, shine!


Wooow!!!! She looks..Sooooo goooood!!!! Hot!!!! Amazing video,great vibe.. LOVE IT!!!
now she need to do video for Nothin but love and i could die..
Nippy is BACK!!!!

Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I can totally relate to a lot of your experiences because they have been mine. Never doubt that what you went through was in vain. It is through this journey you have taken that you will be able to help others in similar situations. It is wonderful to finally get back to self, isn't it? Now go forth and live the life God has destined and created for you to be and live. God bless!

There are always three sides of a story, your side the other person and the truth.
I would like to hear the truth.

I love this video so much! I can't stop watching it. Whitney, you look delicious! I love you!

After being in an abusive relationship and looking at you on oprah, I too know now that I need to Pray for Strength thru this Test I'm going thru. I Thank You for allowing the Lord to use you to get to me so I can Stand again:) I LOve You Whitney!!!

I can see her spirit....her soul is so happy and I am happy for you and sooooooooooooo proud!! THAT VIDEO AND SONG IS GREAT AND SO ARE YOU!!

Whitney! You are the bomb! This video is dynamic, you are so beautiful! Your sexiness

comes out even more as you age. Every outfit you're wearing in the video is just right!

Thank you for singing again, for me!

Lots of love!

I absolutely LOVE this video! I've been a Whitney Houston fan since your first release 'You Give Good Love'. I've kept you in my prayers and God did not fail. I'm glad you're singing again. Your interview on Oprah shut up a lot of critics and this video definitely let's everyone know that 'the voice' is back. Welcome back!!!

YEAH! This is it...at last, SHE'S BACK!!!