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I Look To You
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Congratulations on your new home, Kimberlyn! Maybe people to have only, loved Whitney after her departure, because they realized, how much it is important, for everything you did through your voice and her humanity. Such is life. People only appreciate, other after that they lose. Very cool, you have seen Krissi and Nick!! I read that the house, of Whitney, in Jersey is for sale. If I were a millionaire would buy this house. It would be the glory, buy the house, of Whitney!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

hi everyone, hope you all are doing well!! Just settled in my new home and I'm exhausted. I just read about Phil!! My prayers are always with you and your family! Thanks Karen for the update...... I've been finding out lately that people who have been claiming to be Whitney's biggest fans had no interest In her at all... and only went along with "loving her" after her death. Anyway, saddens me... but on a lighter note...I spotted Bobbi Kris and Nick of course I didn't walk up to them nor did they notice me... I watched from afar and that's it.