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I Look To You
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Here I am! Thank you mucho for all of your birthday wishes. Laughing out loud I have been busy spending all the gift cards I received. I was so overwhelmed by all the love I was showered with. People really do remember how you treat them all year long. It comes right on back to you. Party

Nippians, I am wondering how you feel about the movie of Whitney's life that Angela Bassett is directing. Supposedly, the Houston family is not pleased, but I think the story is in good hands. I don't know why Krissy is upset that she wasn't asked to play her mother when she's too short and looks nothing like her. Ms. Bassett would have been a good pick, but she herself is too short. Any thoughts???

Whitrabbit, where you are, Nippian? The party, of birthday was cool?? Tell me, how was your birthday!! Are you blocked?