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Try It On My Own

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look out people she really back!!!!!

i can listen to this a 100 times. the words inspire me a lot. i luv this it's a master piece.

As we are far from you fiscally ,,BUT we keep loving you ,,, you really inspire us , taking the life steps from your words and tempo , PLEASE keep putting these things inside us .

I can tell that you have put in the work for a much needed return of WHITNEY!

I think this is a great look as well as a good move at the right time for Whitney. We do need this icon to return back to her roots. Currently I like tracks # 4,7,11. I think it's pretty good since she has been away from us for a while. Good start and fresh look.

this is nice my whitney, if she comes to South hampton roads va, I will definitely see her. I am glad and proud of her Just stay true to your self and you will be fine. It is always a blessing when yiou get another chance.Take care whitney and I wish you the best. I think it was a nice touch with the bobby piece takes all the drama out of it. You go whitney that was really a nice touch.

I Have to say,the wait is over for many of us!!! and it turns out that good things come to those who wait !!! Whitney's album is soothing,classy,brilliant... I'm so glad she is back and better than I have expected...She is with no doubt a great singer.

And God says:Go and be strong Whitney Houston, and be brave!!!!All good things for you!!!I like you so much!!!

Wow, watching Whitney never gets old. She is so amazingly talented, she has this way of drawing you into every song as though you are living it. She is beatiful and talented beyond words and I truly believe she has many great years ahead of her.

I wish her more happiness and success then she ever thought possible. So proud that she has made it to where she is at today.

but we do get up.....I am glad to see that you have overcome all the obsticles that have come your way. It's good to see that you have allowed God to remain apart of your life. We must put him first above everything. Without him, we can't obtain anything. I pray that God continue to bless you and keep you and your family. Remember when lost, look to the hills which your help comes from. God is smiling down on you. Keep him close.

God Bless,
Luv ya my sista' in Christ,

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philipians 4:13