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Whitney has been more than just an idol, icon, singer ,actress,etc she has been an someone I looked up to even if I didn't know her personally I felt as though I did and wish I had to chance to meet her in person and I definitely keep her family in my prayers just wish people would recognize the stars like Whitney and Michael for who they were.

Even though it's coming up on 3 months, I still hurt and at times cry that she's no longer here. I adored her for not only as an entertainer, but as a woman who wasn't afraid to show her love for God. I loved whenever she sang gospel. My heart also aches for Bobbi Kristina. I too, lost my own mom at 18 and I know what she is going through. I hope that Krissy reads this and I pray that she continues to be a strong woman I know her mom raised her to be. Keep your faith and family close to you, Krissy. They love you so much. My mom and Whitney had some similarities and I hope that they are friends right now in heaven. Can't wait to be reunited one day to hear Whitney's sweet, assuring voice. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER ALWAYS WHITNEY! Rest on.

Whitney's voice was like "butter," - not Parkay margarine, or I Can't Believe it's not Butter, but the "real thing." Her voice was a DeVinci and every time she sang, she painted on a canvass in our hearts, minds and ears. was created for people like us to express our love for Whitney. I would love it if you would go there and express yourselves as well. REMEMBER - Whitney is rocking Heaven's walls - and please go to the link to post a comment.


I've been listening to Whitney Houston since i was young and I never knew anyone with a beautiful voice like hers or ever hear songs that my heart.When I found out she died I couldn't stop hearing her song in my ears.I always wanted to meet her in person and have her sign her autograph in autograph book but she's flying with the angels and her music will carry on to future generation to come.

Whitney i will be setting in that movie theater to see sparkel and i cant wait to go see it i wish you were still living but i miss you alot you are up there in heaven and you are a angle i know you are up there singing.

I went and brought some of whitney houston cds & i listen to the cds everyday while iam driving & i be singing down i love it.

There will never be anyone like Whitney I have played her music everyday since her sudden death her voice was so powerful it was a gift indeed. I know that she is at peace now up in heaven singing with the angels. Whitney I love you.

Same here i did the same thing...i've been listening to her songs over and over again... still can't believe she's gone... love you nippy!!!!

Whitney Houston (for the most intimate Nippy) means a sweet voice, love, and goodness, because only one person as he is does everything that this magnificent lady made the children of the world. The Billibord was more than deserved, but I think it should have been given to her in life. When I speak of the tears whitney see me because all of us who really enjoyed going to miss it, but people who are feeling over their lack are: B.Kristina his daughter and his mother Greater Cissi Houston and the brothers as is obvious. While I breathe I will love you Whitney. I hope that your are doing well with the Jesus who loved unconditionally, and as you are all angels rejoice as yours with your beautiful voice. Great woman, great singer of all time, the better for me.
B.Kristina and Mrs. Cissi Houston Too much force, because life has these things that we love in our hearts that keeps us standing. May God protect your soul Whitney.