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Whitney Your passing has paralyzed our nation I love you and will miss you immensely. Thank you for showing us that our darkest moments doesn't have to be the end of us. You were right I will stumble but I am not broken so rest sister Houston until we meet again.

love u whitney.RIP

I will miss you, but will always remember your love for music and the way you would grace the stage, when you presented your blessed vocals God instill in you.

To Ms. Cissy, Bobbi Kristina, Ms. Dionne, and familyThank you for sharing Whitney's Home Going service with us. It still feels unreal and my heart still ache.A beautiful woman Gone but never forgotten her music and memories will remain in my heart. I been following Whitney since I was little and I will continue following her in my heart. To Bobby Kristina I know what your going through I losted my mother back in 2006 the pain and scars are still fresh and your heart will always feel empty because a part of you is missing the pain will ease up but the memories and happy tears and sad tears will still remain.

Whitney was a beautiful person, inside and out. The mistakes she made in her life were irrelevant. She was human just like anybody else. "He who is without sin, cast the first stone" (this was said by Jesus). She is finally at rest from the pressures of the media and the struggles of life. Love you Whitney! <3

to the houston family thanks so much for sharing whitneys home going service...that was the most beautiful service ive ever seen..she definetly deserved still in very much of a shock that a beautiful woman with a great voice has went home..her music will never be forgotten and i love her music and her movies that she has done...

I would like to thank Cissy Houston for sharing Whitney with all of us one last time. I am heartbroken for you & Bobbi Kristina & family. Bobbi Kristina - you were her greatest accomplishment. Cissy - she loved you & her pride always showed when she spoke of you. I was blessed to see her 5 times in concert. I have wonderful memories of Whitney. She was a beautiful, talented & generous woman who touched so many lives with "The Greatest Voice Of All". I am shocked over her passing. I take comfort in the fact that she loved the Lord and has joined him. May she rest in peace. I will always love her. Sharon Groves

I do not usually post but in the light of what has happened I felt the need to comment on the life and career of the greatest female vocalist of all time. The passing of "The Voice" has left a void in the lives of the many millions of folk to whom it gave so much pleasure and solace.

I first heard Whitney on the radio in a bar in 1985; she was performing "Saving All My Love For You" and the DJ commented "This young lady is going to be a great new talent" What an understatement that was! Her voice has an incredible depth and richness; something I have never heard elsewhere and never will.

Whitneys' music has subsequently played the soundrack to my life for the past 26 years moving from the heady 1980s sounds to the subtler, more mature tones in the 2000s. She possessed an incredible wealth of talent the like of which, in my opinion will never be matched by anyone.

In recent years, putting her troubles aside I had hoped that she would gather her thoughts and make the amazing comeback we all knew she was capable of so that her devoted fans could enjoy more of her amazing talent. Sadly it was not to be.

I applaud the Houston family for their courage and dignity at what was and still must be an incredibly difficult time and for allowing Whitneys' fans worldwide to be part of her homecoming.

Of the more recent negative comments in the tabloid media et al. I would say this: Nobody really knows what another human being is going through as everyone is different and we all react to the same situation in different ways; the pressure celebrities are placed under (and place themselves under) cannot be measured or guessed at. I once felt that it was right to judge other people for their mistakes but I was wrong! I would prefer them to focus on her great music, incredible beauty and style and her commitment to charity and helping disavantaged people to achieve.

She may be gone but her music will live on and she has justly earned her place in history as the greatest female vocalist of all time.

I hope that her family and especially her daughter are able to take some comfort in the fact that she was loved and treasured by so many. RIP Whitney



Whitney, I say a prayer eachday not only for you and your family, but those who deem it necessary to print distasteful photos and write negative comments. Such will never and have never swayed my undying love for you, Whitney. you are the voice that many dreamed of having, the beauty that many wanted, and the soul that only a few possess in this cruel world.

Whitney, each time I see your face my heart aches, because the feelings are still so surreal. I miss you and my only wish is that people will continue to honor you not only for your voice, but for your undying love of the Lord. I know as I look to the Lord I look to you.

Noone. Can replace your voice. You were one of a kind. I've. Been listening to your music since I was 8 years old. I am still listening To your music. He was ready for you to come back home. God dont make mistakes. You will live on through your daughtert and family and your music. When its my time go, I will like someone to say some of the nice things about me and about my faith in christ like they did you.