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God bles her and her family and as the song says I will always love you rip

Words cannot express the sadness and hurt I feel for your recent departure. While I know you're now at rest and free from the pain and ridicule of this world, I still can't fully wrap my mind around the fact that you are really gone. Your music has truly been the soundtrack of my life and I count it an honor and priviledge to have grown up with you and your music in my life. You made me dance, love, smile, think, and praise God; sometimes all at the same time;) I wish you had lived to really know how much you are truly loved but now I know you are being loved and shown love each and every day! So I won't say goodbye, instead "see ya later"...

Whitney Houston – A Tribute.
Whitney Houston was a sophisticated lady, brilliant singer and true legend.
For her to leave this world so soon was unexpected, no one could’ve imagined.
She’s known for her beauty, passion, charm, kind heart, compassion and versatility,
As well as generosity, willpower, commitment, novelty and creativity.
Her vocal talent was superb and singing style unique, emotional and elegant.
When starting out her career, Whitney appeared sweet, refreshing, yet delicate.
She’s grown gradually and by right became a shining star, a world class singer.
When listening to her angelic voice, it takes one’s breath away with body tingled.
By talent, hard work and consistent effort, Houston had earned prestige and stardom.
She looked ahead to opportunities whether to make a movie or record a music album.
Whatever project she’d take on, Whitney appeared as a perfectionist who’s driven.
Regardless numerous achievements, she had continued to evolve in world she lived in.
Whitney performed her music, played in films with honor, strong desire, love, dignity.
She had exhibited a wide array of skills, having possessed an extraordinary dexterity.
Houston was sharp and motivated always have known what she wanted and pursued.
As a recording singer, model, actress and producer, she was exceptionally, truly good.
Had been considered as a pop-soul diva, she sang hip-hop, mid-tempo R & B and ballads.
With mixed critics’ reviews at times, Whitney would still arise receiving highest ballots.
Her voice was virtuosic, flawless, yet deep in soul and heart Houston appeared vulnerable.
She had experienced doubt and pain in life, thriving for love and peace - most valuable.
Whitney’s fluidity in singing, impressive acting and her magnitude of talents, gifts
Have led her to progress professionally promoting further successful career shifts.
The Guinness World Records included Houston as the most awarded female performer.
She also was an American Red Cross Gulf Crisis Fund’s contributor, generous donor.
Whitney has also been remembered for her charity for children that are in greatest need.
She formed a Whitney Houston Foundation For Children – her act of kindness, deed.
Promoting self-empowerment, providing help to homeless and cancer stricken kids.
Houston had planted, nourished and personally grown most spiritually valuable seeds.
Today we grieve the loss of Whitney – a true example of beauty, talent and inspiration.
Her smile, her charm, her love for life, her rare versatility was our Universe’ sensation.
We knee before you now, dear Whitney, each singing to you “I will always love you”.
May God and angels greet, embrace, protect and gently, gracefully rise above you!
Copyright©2012 Mila Alper

Whitney Houston seni çok seviyorum ve çok özleyeceğim ne diyebilirim ki

whitney keşke seni yakından görüp tanıyabilme şansına sahip olabilseydim bunu gerçekten çok isterdim keşke türkiye yi ziyaret edebilseydin seni çok özleyeceğim ama şarkılarını sen varmışsın gibi sana ulaşamıyormuş gibi dinlemeye devam edicem ve seni hiç unutmayacağım sen benim ilk ve tek yabancı hayranı olduğum birisin ve öyle kalıcaksın. Allah günahlarını affetsin huzur içinde uyu seni çok seviyorum..

I don't often understand why Jesus makes the decisions he does or why ... He decided to bring you home early, deliver you peace and for that I only wish that your life with our father "treats you kind, And I hope you have all you've dreamed of, And I wish to you, joy and happiness. But above all this, I wish you love". RIP Miss Whitney

As we laid to rest our Beloved Whitney E. Houston we must take comfort in knowing that she is at peace with our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I must admit that when I heard the news I was shocked. I looked at my husband and said "That can't be right".I began to cry.
My prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina who has lost her mother, someone she loved and adored so much. My Prayers are also going out to Mrs. Cissy Houston. You gave us your Beautiful daughter with a voice that was hand picked from Gods Heavenly Chior. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of her life.
Thank you Whitney for inspiring me to sing and the beautiful music you have given to us for so many years.
R.I.P Whitney E. Houston You Will Truly Be Missed<3

Whitney, you will always be an inspiration to me teaching me to always trust in the Lord. Regardless,of what I maybe be going through I must put my faith in God. The Lord never fails or find fault in what we may or maynot do
We continue to see that man so often judged you but I know our God never did. So, I know you are now with the Lord singing those beautiful notes as you often did for us.
If I have learned one lesson from those that have touched my life and I have lost it is even if I needed them here with me I realize that our Lord needed them more.. Whitney, you are the best, Love always

Whitney i still can't believe u are gone.i love u and i will always love u,your beautiful voice u left with us,but i'll will miss the beautiful eyes and and smile,and the Whitney that i loved so much,god bless u my queen,and know i also will always love u,my dear,miss u madly!!