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Whitney,My prays are with you all ways.I can understand what you are going through.Hand in there.Trust in God and keep the faith that he is a person of his word.Plus,he will always be there for you no matter what.Love you miss you and you can do it.Stay positive,think positive and continue to be around positve people. Broke a leg.Chow.

Whitney is still THE standard! With all that she has and is going through, she is still the standard by which all who have come after her are measured. Whenerver I herar some one attempted to sing one of her songs, I cringe, because I know they cannot do it justice. They can not sing it to point of making me enjoy it even though it is not being sung by Whitney.

I have always been a fan and an admirer of Ms Houston. I pray that she is able to bring it all together again.

I admire her for continuing to peform, but I feel that she needs to be given time to recover and heal. She has been through a lot that didn't happen in a few days or weeks, what she went through went on for years. Not just the addiction, but marriage, raising a child, first with a husband, then as a single parent. She went through a divorce, a custody battle, rehab and a tour. And she did all of this with the public watching. I'm surprised she's still standing, but proud that she is.

Keep your head held high Whitney, your true fans will always be here for you and with you. I have your latest cd and looking forward to the next one. But take your time, take care of yourself and remeber you are God's child, he see's you and he understands.

Love you.

How do you get Whitney for an event?

I"m more one your brazilian fan.... i so said cos your disease... please, stop smoking...i love your voice and your songs... i wanna hear you for a long time....God bless you, diva.

Hi Whitney, I just won't to say that Jesus Christ love you and that he can deliver you from anything. just put your trust in him.I understand what you are going thru wright know because i was there to.

Hi Whitney, I Love you but Jesus loves you most. I'm gonna tell you like you told me in that song you so annointedly sang, I Go To The Rock. He'll always stand by you no matter what. I know your trying hard to get over whatever your going through but if you can just stop trying to do the work that Jesus has already done for you at the cross and rest, really rest in his arms, He will gently guide you safely to the shore. Love you, your sister in Christ, Teresa

Dear Whitney

Know that you are loved. Victory over pain and struggle is a powerful story. You are well thought of and often in my prayers. Continue to lead and bless people's lives with you talents.

Love in Christ,

dear whitney i just love you and all of song that you sing i wish some day i can meet you face to face thats my biggest dream

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