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This is ridicoulas.I need to know how to and what is Whitney,s real Fan- page. I am sickened
by the in-humane comments on you tube.I have already purchased every cd. wwwwwwwwwWould like vidieo,s. Please notify me by e-mail the correct fan sight.Whitney
is the best ever.I admire her courage so much.Her talent speaks for itself. There should be no
reason to explain to anyone all of you personal business.People are just plain stuck on stupid.
I listen to Whitney every-day. I pray for her every-day as well.Loyal fans don,t kick a person when
they are down.Whitney has and always does it best.
This is april 2011.Every entertainer or no entertainer for the most part has tried or is doing
drugs so why bash Whitney no one goes into anything knowing the outcome.People hear
yet refuse to listen.
Whitney houston does it Better than anyone
xo Vgreene

Very spunky song Alicia Keys wrote for Whitney. No one else took a nice 70's Soul rhythm, and made it ones' own for Whitney as well as Alicia has done. Love the song, and the video. It feels like a million bucks.

We love you Whitney, keep up the faith and do the good work

I love that you are on youtube. I have a concert everyday.I just purchased your two collection of video,s.To whom ever is in control of your fan-page use, post to youtube.You have so many,
anyway , the theme of the 90,s were I want to be down.That being-said reflects the attitude of
many things. You are hands down the best. Why people will not respect the fact that you are no longer a child, is beyond me. And to anyone who ever drank a coke before the formula was
changed used cocaine.If others were as brave as you they too wold admit to drug usuage.
Before you were even born Movie stars and Singer,s used drugs and still do.You are an angel
no-one is perfect.I can only imagine what you saw growing up and the pain of the so un-kind
press, " as you said when we marry someone we don,t really know a thing until we are in it" .I can
testify.I love the message in your latest cd.We may be able to hear but we don't all listen. You
will always be the true VOICE.The true Talent The true Soldier The ULTIMATE CLASS. YOu
are beautiful powerful smart and LOVED all across the globe.Keep your head up. Your real fan
will never let you down.Comparing yourselves by yorselves is un-wise.Thanks for being you.Oh
so sexy but always respecful especilly when you were married what integrity you showed to the
public and yourself. sincere admiration
fan person please share this comment.

i just love seeing whitney live, i dont care if she doesnt sound like the old whitney im loving the new whitney, and people need to stop looking at her voice so much than looking at her struggle and the fact that she and bobby made it through, they both are great artist, whitney is the greatest and i love seeing her perform

Hey Whitney my nameis amarie and im one of your biggest fans. I love your spirit, the way u give God praise. Every video you made is sure nuff hit keep singing and let the lord use you. May God bless you and also my nine year old daughter loves you too.

May God continue to bless you and shine his face upon you and i will continue to pray for you.

Whitney your the bomb keep doing your thing. I love you your number one fan
May God bless you and me and my children are routing for new life and success.


I love you Whitney Houston! <3 I feel very blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to listen to your angelic voice. You are a beautiful woman even today and I wish you happiness. You are in my prayers. I love to sing and you are an inspiration to me. You will always be the one and only WHITNEY HOUSTON! Nobody can come close in comparison. Do your thang girl and never forget where you came from.

I will always love you Whitney. I know that your talent is a gift from 'God. Finally, you surrender by volunteering to go back in rehab-it doesn;t work until we surrender. now you are saying to the lord, I surrender all" and now you are ready to do his will and know he had a designed purpose for you. This is your last trip to rehab-Ms. Houston because you vounteered, you now recognize you have a problem and your life is unmanageable and you need the help and love of others to live out the purpose that "God has designed you to be. All of this dysfunction will help you to clearly see the real 'Whitney Houston". I can only tell you the road I have already traveled. Often times we must suffer more" to find our purpose. Peace in your healing Whitney, for now you can learn how to fly with love instead of a broken wing.

Whitney girl, hurry and get your self together. I don't attend concerts, but have seen you on tv lots of time. I will love to see you come to New Orleans and do Jazz Fest, we will love to see you. Remember, Peace. Love and Soul!!!!!!!!