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Million Dollar Bill

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One of the Best , you really out smart yourself, MILLION DOLLAR BILL"
is tops here in South Africa. No. 1 in my home, You came back with a real
Cherry on the top. Well Done...Nella Pillay

Whitney I just love all of your music. I have Million Dollar Bill as my ring tone. I love the whole CD. Keep up the good work. Be encouranged, and happy Birthday!!! Will always love you.

whitney, what can I say? Ilisten to your music every single day. your VOICE is unbeatable.
you are the GREATEST OF ALL. I may write plenty of books about you. your VOICE is LIGHT UP MY LIFE. I wish the best of the best for you.

Go Whitney mou Go, we love you and support you.
I paid for front row seats at o2 arena and i was captivated by your performance, you are still no. 1
You are favorite fan in the world, Stelios from
Cyprus South island (European Member state)
You have too many fans here, owner us with a concert!!!

Hello Witney,

I love your voice. Most important, I am so so happy that you finally left Bobby Brown alone. He was clearly a looser, and his conduct brought upon a negative image in your world. I wont you to now that there is another male out there for you. Try not to love so hard, and if you will bury yourself in the word of God, I have to do the same, although times get rough, life will be so much better.
Just remember that you have fans out here like myself, who grew up along the same time you did (I'm 43 now) that want to see you in good mental and physical health. The negative media garbage will always be there. However, I want you to remain strong. If you are using drugs, please stop. It's not good for your health. I myself regularly take pain reliever, but that's due to stress from my grown kids, and sometimes from my 15 year old daughter, or twelve year old son that can be a behavioral problem in school from time to time.

By the way your daughter is a cutie. With that said Whitney stay strong. You are not alone. You have fans that really care about you. You all must know that like Michael Jackson, I cried when he passed. Although, I have never seen him before in life, because of his music and entertainment, he was a part of my childhood, and you were a part of my adolescent, and now -my adult years. It would hurt me as a fan to see you hurt yourself. So take care, and remember, despite anything in life, you have fans that love you in good times and bad times. I'm not a regular website visitor, so just remember I love you. You are important, and I want you to survive.

Again, love you and your daughter. You can see me and my family on under Sandra O'Hara- Jones.

Peace, Goodwill, and may God be with you and yours,

Sandra O'Hara-Jones
Ludowici, Georgia

whitney, nós te amamos!!!!!!!


Whitney you are the world greatest, your awsome i love .

perfect song!!!!