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Whitney, you are my mentor, when I was a kid, I learned how to sing at 10 yrs old because you encourage me to sing your song "One Moment in Time". Divas Singer was started when you start to perform, No one can get your name, Probably, you struggle right now on your singing career, but I still believe everyone has a chances to live to this world. Just keep your faith and you will make it later on.

Until now even your voice isn't great as before, I still respect you. And I believed God has a good plans for you to be change into better, just quit all bad vices, and focus to yourself to heal through PRAYERS, People still loves you and still believe in you. Take little rest and time for your voice, lesser dringking cold water while you performing, it wont help to your throat at all, cut back sweet, and try eat fresh ginger it will help to relax your throat.

Wish you all your best always pray to GOD, maybe one day, God will give it back the talent that you wasted for long time ago..I hope you can make it GIRL..I wish one day I have extra money to see you on stage, but computers are all around I can still seeing you again.

Love and Care;


Whitney my love, welcome back !!!!
There is a saying that goes , "like this" , if you dont stand for something, you will fall for anything. When I listen you , I can feel the love that God gave you to past on to us, through your music. You are truely blessed, and a blessing to so many. Please Please
take charge and control again of that God gifted talent that The Love gave you.. There is no other like you, and will NEVER, however they can only try. The Greatest Love of All... I grew up on your songs. Since I was 7years old I have been one of your number one Fan, and now I am just about 40. I could go on and on.

God Bless, I wish to meet you someday, you are an inspiration in my life and my voice.

One Love,

Welcome back Whitney ! My Love, and song bird...........
I love you from the time I was growing up, and could recognize your amazing God Gifted talent, your voice is so "Powerful". You have been an inspiration in my life and my voice.
Whitney, I am asking that you LISTEN to the kind and sweet words of encouragment around you, from your fans, family and friends, draw strength my sister in Christ. You grew up in church, take charge and put the Lord steadily in Control of your life, NEVER NEVER NEVER

I hope one day I will be sitting in the audience when you breathe the sigh of relief that this was a thing of the past, and you say I will never be defeated by the devil. I am a child of God!

One Love...

hello nice information for all users. i would love to know: what ever did happen to Whitney Houston? thnks for visiting this site.

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i love u whitney houston

i love u whitney u r my fav singer in the whole wide world

Juste superb!

She's the best, always imitated but never equalled.

Good bless You.

Mais Que Perfeita minha Diva ....