Million Dollar Bill

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Whitney, we are so glad to have you back,Thanks be to God,The album is sooooooooooo good .I like to whole Cd but my favorite songs are I look to You and I didn't know my own strength,they give me goose bumps,God bless you and Welcome back. LOVE YOU WHITNEY.

What can I say. First of all, the interview was so powerful, what she has come through and how she is so positive about the experiences she went through. I also came out of a verbally abusive marriage and she brought tears to my eyes as she talked about it because I could so relate to the mindset she was in.

Then, at the end of the show, when she sang, she sounded so much better than at the live show for GMA, that I truly believe it was the talking and singing on Oprah that made her so hoarse just like she said. So, even though I like the album, I know that she is making steady progress and getting more powerful as she goes on.

But forget the singing for second, Whitney Houston has the most amazing stage presence!!!! For that reason, when she talks or performs, on Oprah, at the GMA and on this video, she just draws you IN!!!! Its an incredible gift. I just LOVE to see her.

I am buying the album right now.

Thank you God for giving me back one of my greatest idols here on earth. Im so happy to have u back Whitney, God bless you. Oh and by the way loved the new video.

FAVORITES this album:
1. Nothin but love.
2. Like I never left.
3. Worth It.

(from previous album - like to hear more songs like "One of these days" great R&B dance song)

All I can say is welcome back! You have not disappointed me at all. You are gorgeous and what a body. My grand daughter and I have danced to your new CD, we watched the Oprah interview and the videos are awesome. I've been waiting for your new CD to hit and love love love it! Keep it up and God Bless you and your beautiful daughter.

Million Dollar Bill is one of my favorite songs on the album and I am very happy that she is releasing that one second. I love the video. It's fun and Ms. Houston looks fabulous in it. I am so excited to have one of my biggest idols back on the scene. I got my 4 copies and I am happy about that. Go MS. HOUSTON. Got nutinbutluv4u.

OMG. I am in awe of what Whitney has done. For anyone who has been there you would be too. I am not and was not expecting an old Whitney, just one who has grown. Voices change. sometimes better sometimes worse, but she will NEVER forget how to sing. Welcome back Whitney. She looked more gorgeous than ever on the last part of Oprah. And my one friend put it best, and I am not talking SEX, but NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can wear a gown like Whitney

Whitney, I am ONE of your biggest fans. I would like to say that I am your biggest fan, but I am sure thousands out there would challenge that. I just want you to know that I Love you, and that I knew you would get sick and tired of being sick and tired. When that happened you found your way out with the help of the allmighty. So with that I want you to know I admire your strength to share you experience with us on Oprah. GOD bless you and you daughter to grow strong TOGETHER.

Oh my god...I am blown away by this video!!!!!!!!! Whitney looks hot as hell in this video. You can see her confidence is back & she is on fire!! Job well done... all the details in this video are right on from the microphone to the lighting to the hanging chandelier.. Love the scene when Whitney is first walking in through the kitchen to the club with the sexy glances and smiles...the camera loves her & she is working it the whole time from start to finish... and then you see her remove the coat and she is moving her shoulders to the music...I love, love, love it!!! Everything about Whitney is right in this video from hair, makeup, clothing, shoes----hot! hot!! What a comeback we have on our hands here..bravo to Whitney & everyone involved in making this video. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!