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Million Dollar Bill

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When I listen to emotional music I can sometimes feel a tingly feeling spread throughout my body. Certain notes seem to cause this more than others.

God is truly in the mist of all our coming and goings. I thank the Lord that you are back and going strong.. You are my Idol when it comes to singing and that Million Dollar Bill video in my book is rated more than a 5, I give it 105 and more. Continue to keep God in all that you do...

Love ya Whitney and God Bless....


Its almost like a dream come true for me, besides she being the sister of the King of POP , she has established herself in the music industry very well and I am big big fan of her from the very early ages of her career. She is definitely a master performer, her vocal ability is very well know factor which makes her stand out the crowd.Of course age brings on a huskiness which she uses to good effect but she does not disappoint when required to reach higher notes. Her lower range allows her to bring depth to the songs so rather than marvel at her artistry we share the love. The songs are all joyous but not frivolous.Have she sung in any <a href="">Movie</a>?I am really hoping that she gives a live performance of "Million Dollar Bill", all excited to watch her live and near.
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Amada se você soubesse o quanto te adimiro e te amo, mesmo não te conhecendo e mesmo estando tão longe,e o quanto estou feliz por fazer parte do seu fã clube sempre acreditei e acredito em você e sei que a pesar das dificuldades você é uma mulher forte e nada vai lhe por no chão por que quem te mantem de pé é nosso Deus este tão maravilhoso que cria perfeições e uma destas é você ouço suas canções desde o ventre de minha mãe e hoje meu bebê de 3 anos canta suas músicas todos nós somos suas fães e se um dia você estiver precisando de um ombro amigo mesmo de longe estarei aí bem perto para te dar um abraço invisível mas contendo nele todo o amor do mundo te amo de todo meu coração continue assim; fazendo todo esse sucesso maravilhoso que na verdade é você o sucesso suas músicas me acalmam e me levam ao mais alto céu você é minha diva assim que te chamo "te chamamos " como te disse minha mãe e minha filha tambem são suas fãns.Todas nós te amamos e te adimiramos muito desejamos do fundo de nossos corações que você vá sempre muito além e que Deus te exalte dia após dia pois você merece...TE AMAMOS.
BEIJOS..."todos os que couberem no céu"

i love you

What a great video. Welcome back!
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I pray you read this words though and agent or whomever.......I know you know that Jesus loves you more than anything ...but I was woken up at 3 o'clock in the morning about 3-4 years ago and u were on my heart and in my spirit it was kind of wierd cause I had never prayed for someone I really didnt know personally but I woke up crying out for you so deep my husband felt the presents of God also and we both join in prayer on your are a awsome woman of God...and not to know you personally and see God move in you life ....seeing the enemy back up off you..... wow its awsome to see you back .....I just want to encourage you hang on in there God has people you dont even know praying for you....isnt he is sooooo gooood. Have you wrote any songs to Thanking him for restoring you...I would love to hear a song of praise and worship unto the Lord I can feel your appreciation towards him for keeping his hands on you...just want wanted to worship with you my sister God bless you be encouraged God got you.....

Whitney, look girl, look ahear good to have you back, please stay away from peoplewho don't love you like your family and us FAN'S, I am great fan of your aunt Dion Warwick. We your fan's, care for you, alway's think of your child. I always know that God, is with you, I wish someday you would do a concert in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Love You To. I have portesis on both hips. I hope some day I can see you in person, God bless you. Kilda , From Puerto Rico.

Welcome back beautiful lady! You have been gone far too long. Your new album ROCKS! I first saw you live in Melbourne 21yrs ago, my first concert at 17yrs of age. I'm so excited that you are coming back, and the 1st March cannot come soon enough. Your voice soothes my soul. Counting the days............... I'll be singing along with you Smile x